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Fall Fashion Trends 2019

Seasons have a way of sneaking up on people. With long hot summers and even longer and much colder winters, it's hard to believe that we get 2 months of perfection in between.

That's right -- we're talking about fall.

It's the perfect balance between hot and cold, and with its warm tones and cool breezes, it's definitely the perfect backdrop for our favorite fashion looks.

As October begins, it's time to grab all things pumpkin spice and prep for the best season of the year!

To help you get ready for the season, here are this season's the hottest fall fashion trends.

Teeny Tiny Bags

Bags have always been the ultimate accessory; but, this year it's all about the mini purse! Handbags with unique structured shapes and art deco inspired designs have been popping up all over our timelines --- and though they can't hold more than a tube of lip-gloss and your debit card, they're actually super cute!


Who doesn't love a good cape? Not only do they amp up the drama, but they also keep you warm! The best part? Capes are versatile -- which means not only can you rock them this season, once you add a winter-friendly turtleneck, you can wear them next season too!

Statement Hats

This trend is all about showing off your unique style! Hats have always been that one accessory that can either dress up or dress down any outfit selection ---- not to mention, they're the perfect solution to any bad hair day!

Fleece Sweaters

What used to be considered uncomfortable, is now one of this season's must-have items. These chic sweaters don't just keep you warm during cool weather, but when paired with neutral tones, they also make the perfect statement piece.



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