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For almost three years The Champagne Series has been a work in progress. Today, the vision, created by two sisters with the help of a photographer friend has finally come to life.


With a goal to inspire, enhance, and celebrate the lives of women, The Champagne Series is a female lifestyle blog dedicated to fabulous hard working ladies. 

Whether you're a wife, a mother, career woman, and/or young woman trying to figure it all out, you'll find something here for you.


Our love for self-improvement, fashion & beauty, health & wellness, travel, design, and entertaining, coupled with beautiful imagery and simplistic approaches, fuel the idea of living the champ life.


We hope that through our writing, in-depth guides, tips,

& interviews we soon become your go-to online resource for guidance and inspiration.  

With that said, 

Welcome to The Champagne Series 


Meet The Team

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Chivvaun Abigail

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Co-Founder + Editor

A true island gal, Chivvaun stumbled upon her love for content curation and Communications when returning home to The Bahamas. Though she obtained her degree in Ballet Pedagogy, she soon made her passion for blogging a reality by creating a space to share her experiences with the hopes of inspiring others. She loves Shrimp Alfredo (GF), dancing, and anything involving her creativity. 




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Co- Founder + Editor

Some might say that Cydnie was born to be a writer. From a young age, she had a wild imagination and could get anyone to believe whatever she said.   To follow her dream, she ventured to Canada where she obtained a degree in English Literature and honed her craft. Apart from her ability to create amazing stories, her life goal is to run her own magazine. She loves fries, faux furs, and entertaining guests at her new home. 

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Photographer + Graphic Designer 

Known for visual representation that is simple and clean, Jamika Danielle has a penchant for shaping narratives and fresh perspectives that help build brand messages and compelling visual stories. After acquiring her M.F.A in Photography in San Francisco she launched her own visual marketing studio in 2018. She loves reading, photography, and traveling the world. 

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