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5 Tips Every Bride Needs To Know When Buying A Wedding Dress

One half of our sister duo is getting married, which means...we know firsthand how much stress goes into finding that perfect dress.

After experiencing the process, there were so many things we found out along the way.

To save you the struggle, we've compiled a list of the top 5 things we think every bride should know before saying yes to your wedding dress!

1. Buy Your Dress In Advance

Believe it or not, your dress should be one of the first things you buy. We know a lot of brides prefer to reach their goal weights first, but the reality is...unless you buy your dress directly off the rack, it could take a while for your dress to arrive.

Our recommendation?

Make a bridal dress appointment at least 8 months before the big day even if you don't intend to buy right away. Since every bridal shop is different, check with your bridal consultant to see how long it takes for each dress to arrive after the order is placed.

This will at least give you an idea of the kind of time frame you're working with to find that perfect dress.

2. Get A Dress With Pockets

Funny enough, this was never something we considered. To be honest, neither of us knew wedding dresses even came with pockets! But this may actually be one of the smartest features a gown could have. The reason being, is on your special day, who wants to carry a purse?

A dress with pockets gives you the option to carry around all the most important things like:

  • lipgloss/ lipstick to touch up

  • a snack (because who doesn't forget to eat?)

and most importantly...

  • deodorant for those nervous pits

The best part? Designers have perfected the bridal pocket so much so that you'd never even know they're there!

3. Bring A Fan

This tip was seen years ago on Pinterest and though this "soon-to-be bride" was only in 10th grade with absolutely no interest in marriage, the thought of "Wow! That's genius" was there.

Now, after standing in a wedding dress for an hour during my fitting, this opinion still stands.

Bring a fan.

It doesn't matter how cold a room is, wedding dresses (especially ballgowns) are HOT.

Your thighs and your spouse's nose will thank you (especially while they're searching for the garter).

4. Buy Your Veil Anywhere Else

When you've finally said "Yes to the dress," it's easy to get caught up in the moment and also say yes to that $400 veil your bridal consultant just showed you.

If there's anything we've learned...there's always a cheaper option. Whether that means buying yours second-hand or hitting up one of our favorite stores: Esty, you definitely don't have to go broke buying a veil (especially since you're only going to wear it for 30 minutes during the ceremony).

5. Choose Your Fitting Friends Wisely

Almost every bride's favorite part of the planning process is her dress fitting. Which makes sense! It's the chance to dress up and feel like a princess. With any big moment, it should be shared with your closest friends and family.

The thing is, people can make or break the entire experience. I mean, we've all seen those horrible family members on "Say Yes To The Dress," who make it their personal mission to make the bride cry.

So, before you embark on what's supposed to be some of the happiest months of your life, seriously think about the people you want to bring with you.

We know you love them, but if there's anyone who is anything but happy for you, consider leaving them at home.

You deserve to have the best experience you can and we want you to surround yourself with people that will contribute to that.


The Champagne Sisters

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