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Dieufan: The New Luxury Retailer for Buyers on a Budget

We all love a good luxury item -- but the reality is we're not always able to pay full price.

Luckily, many e-commerce sites have popped up that allow shoppers to indulge in high-end items without breaking their budgets.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side.

While the your new purchase may look nice, your favorite alternative retailers don't always guarantee the authenticity or the tailored experience that luxury stores can.

That's why this week, we caught up with Diefuan -- an up-and-coming, certified, budget-friendly retailer on a mission to find help fashionistas source high-end luxury items online!

Introducing: Dieufan

Your new favorite place to shop.

Dieufan Business Profile

This certified luxury boutique is on a mission to help you gain with confidence & style without breaking the bank.

What made you decide to start Diefuan? "Pretty much as a little girl, whenever my mother would travel she would buy my siblings and I a few designer items and whenever we didn’t want them anymore, she would resell them and get almost the same value amount.

Watching my mother sell those items to consignment shops pushed me to do the same thing with almost everything I own. I am the type of shopper that purchases an item just because it's nice... no matter the size. When I would realize that it serves me no purpose, I would resell the items through eBay, Poshmark, or TheRealReal. Many of which were limited items and my consumers would pay any amount to have those specific pieces. With this journey, I was able to connect with amazing people in the industry, so my team and I were able to put Dieufan together - a certified luxury boutique with even better prices."

How did Diefuan build a trustworthy reputation in the luxury world so fast?

Dieufan is very reliable and professional! We keep a consistent inventory of current season styles that consumers can rely on. Being professional and communicating effectively to buyers about their order, possible adjustments to orders or even an update on restocks helps to build a great rapport.

How did Dieufan approach finding clients when starting?

Finding clients can be very tricky when it comes to designer/luxury items. When we initially started, we would pretty much let anyone know about “Dieufan."

However, the strategy is quite simple now. We connect with those who have a love for fashion or the latest designer/luxury season items. Balancing an e-commerce store can have its pros and cons. You have to find that balance and time when making a store like ours work well.

DIeufan's CEO is of Caribbean heritage - how important is it for the company to make that known, and does that heritage impact the way Dieufan does business?

It is very important to share that Caribbean background. When conversing with vendors, we're authentic with that upbringing and the experiences. Having a Caribbean woman at the helm of the business enhances the total drive and aspects of operations. Those morals and respect are poured into the dedication that Dieufan has with clients.

Despite just starting out, Dieufan attracts a good bit of influential people… are there any secrets learned from them along the way?

We love how proactive most business owners around us happen to be. We live in a time where social media is key... to be either heard or seen. The strong women who are running businesses are jacks of all trades (many of whom handle all operations of their businesses). From marketing, accounting, customer service/support, etc, it's very inspiring. Moreover, meeting other business owners who are blessed to have operated for over 3 decades. It's important to use the opportunity to converse on either business or wealth and the key to their success is consistency and respect for others. Those two attributes are the most common practices amongst most of the successful business owners, CEOs, and COOs, we've been able to connect with.

What advice should someone wanting to build an e-commerce brand for themselves have?

Anyone wanting to build a brand or business should be consistent, seek legal advice on business practices, and push the brand that they’re creating to be authentically driven by their own standards... not anyone else’s standards.

Dieufan's Champagne Facts

Fave designer - Gosh this is hard! Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and Saint Laurent

Best place to vacation - South of France & New Orleans but looking forward to Kenya possibly this summer

The biggest dream for Dieufan - To become a household name

One thing that makes life easier - Handling my finances with a financial notebook...just like how our grandparents did it lol. We're very old school in some areas!

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