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Camila Coelho Soon To Debut Fashion Line with Revolve

Just like many of you, we've been following the Brazilian mega-influencer for a while. From her impeccable style to her bubbly personality, it wasn't hard to fall in love with all that she represents.

With humble beginnings and an undeniable work ethic, the 30-year-old beauty and style icon has made her mark on the world and she's about to do it again with the debut of her own clothing collection on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019.

The announcement came a few days ago in a video posted on her Instagram to share the details. To be honest, we thought the line would initially be sold on a dedicated Camila Coelho website or boutique, but let's just say, it was no surprise when we soon learned that the collection would be launched with the well-known influencer brand Revolve.

The clothing company, which has become a resource for many influencers to further their brands and careers is a household name, largely due to the help of influencer marketing and the portrayal of an "exclusive lifestyle" which people buy into.

In fact, due to its success in the millennial market, the company which recently launched Song of Style's line, just went public on June 7th, 2019.

For many of us, though, it's no secret that most, if not all of the success of these brands and partnerships depend on the large following and clientele of the influencer and as we have seen in the past, influencer followings can catapult a career to success and present some incredible opportunities.

With opportunity, there's also responsibility and venturing into product or clothing production is something that people need to trust. We buy clothing based on style, price points, quality, and value for money. It's is one of the hardest markets to ensure sustainability and followers have become more and more vocal in sharing their opinions on items being sold.

For Coelho, her line has already garnered a lot of attention and with a following of its own we, and many others are eager to see the collection in its entirety when it launches on June 19th!

The line is set to debut with 70 pieces ranging from $88 to $398 and is said to incorporate strong sleeves, floral prints, tropical prints and linens inspired by her Brazilian roots. Future item releases will occur on a monthly basis and will remain exclusively with Revolve through 2021.



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