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Visiting California - Travel Experience During COVID

Since the pandemic began, we've been super cautious about travelling - mostly because of the social responsibility we believe all humans have but also because airports have so many people in them!

Now that things have seemed to be better - in that we have to learn how to live with COVID - travelling is now something we've opted to try.

While international trips aren't on the itinerary yet, domestic trips are!

Here's our travel experience to sunny California during COVID -19.


Booking the flight was probably the easiest part of planning the trip. Because of COVID, flights are still pretty cheap. A roundtrip ticket to Cali only cost about $152.00 on Delta Airlines.

While there were other inexpensive flights available, Delta was one of the few airlines that still block middle seats. They also have a Care standard that makes customers feel clean and safe!

Though the state of California does not require a Covid test to arrive at LAX - getting tested prior to arriving in the city was something that seemed responsible to do.

Note that all visitors are prompted to fill out California's travel form prior to the date of travel - failure to do so results in a $500 fine... but the airlines give travellers the option of submitting this form prior to boarding the aircraft!

The Flight & Arrival

Unfortunately, flying is a little more uncomfortable due to having to wear a mask the entire time, but it definitely gives a sense of security when contracting the virus is so easy. Flight attendants made everyone aware of the Delta Cares Standard and each passenger was given a towelette to wipe down the seats and surfaces on the plane.

When arriving in LAX, passengers are prompted to wait until the person before them gathers their stuff and moves out of the aircraft. This ensured a safe 6ft distance for everyone on the flight!

LAX was not too crowded, so getting out of the airport was a breeze!

The Trip - Pros

1) For those who have never ventured out to California (like myself) the trip is one for the books! With impeccable weather and indescribable vibes, the place is easy to fall in love with.

2) There are so many great experiences in the city and surrounding it and the views are some of the most stunning! While many popular sites were closed, there were still enough outdoor activities, like hiking, scenic drives around homes or Palo Verdes, beaching, skating, and cycling to make a "corona" trip worthwhile. Note - if visiting the "outdoor" aspect of LACMA, there aren't really many pieces of art to see, however, the location is still very beautiful.

3) Though the beaches aren't as lovely as the ones in The Bahamas, the tranquillity and picturesque scenery make the beach experience so much more memorable. Beaches are easy to find in the city and often flow into the most popular areas of town like the Santa Monica Pier or Downtown Strip.

4) California (LAX) had so many delicious restaurants. There are tons of options available, however reservations are probably advised...especially on weekends!

5) Since Cali is soooo big, there really is a lot to see - the beauty is you can plan for another trip or stay for a bit to truly experience all that the state has to offer.


1) The city is CRAMMED. If you're looking for spacious home properties or real outdoor dining, it will be harder to find simply because so many people live in the city. For many restaurants, outdoor dining meant eating on a sidewalk near the street, either under a tent or a string of lights (which added a beautiful elegance).

2) With a crowded city comes terrible traffic! Plan to get out earlier in the day to avoid driving on busy highways.

3) The state is pretty expensive - though free activities and reasonable restaurants can be found, some of the travel expenses can work out to be a pretty penny - depending on the kind of vacation desired!

The Stay

Luckily, there wasn't an expense for hotels or Airbnb's as this trip was spent with a friend. However, there is a vast range of accommodations in the state suited to every want and need.


Overall, even in COVID - travelling to California deserves a 10/10. The experience was one filled with beautiful memories and joy, which left a feeling of wanting more! If the state was amazing while the majority of places were still closed down, it's sure to be even more incredible when things begin to re-open for guests!


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