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5 Black Travel Pages To Follow ASAP

Photo: Jamika Danielle

With hours we spent on social media, we're almost guaranteed to see travel related posts. Whether it's from a series of influencers, tourism boards, travel inspo pages, ads, or mood photos scream the all too familiar pitch.

...Smiling people in some cool spot without a hint of colour.

Growing up in a country dependent on tourism, we've always looked at these photos wondering...where are all the black travellers!?

Of course we know the coins are spent, cool pics are taken, and exotic locations are visited by black and brown folk. But when travel pages only show us pictures of blonde, blue-eyed influencers, it's easy for the wider public to discredit that other people also go on vacay and live it up - just like everyone else on the planet.

So to help us all remember that black people travel too, we've compiled a list of melanated travel pages you need to follow ASAP.

Bonus Mention - @BahamianTravelers

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