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Big Spender or Saver? How To Make Sure You Set Yourself Up For Success

To spend or to save? This really shouldn’t be that difficult of a decision but a lot of people have problems with it.

We want to show off a lavish lifestyle, experience things, travel, and make the most of our lives but if having all these things means neglecting my financial security I’ll pass.

Yes, you only live once and yes, you may die tomorrow - hopefully not- but having something in the bank when that time comes is always for the better because at the end of the day…you’re going to be dead.

If you have kids, or didn’t grow up with a whole heap of money this is especially important because what you have now will benefit those people who are left behind.

So how do we set our self up for success?

  1. Buy into life insurance! Though it may cost you a little extra each month, you're going to see a return. Plus the earlier you buy into it, the cheaper it is and you’re able to buy into a heftier amount. This lump sum of money could be a life saver and help with retirement, starting a business, or even a funeral once you're able to touch it.

  2. Keep a record of your spending. This is probably the most difficult thing to do because it requires you to pay attention to your purchases -even the little ones. However, once you get in the habit, you can know exactly how to manage to your funds. This brings me to my next point.

  3. Budget. This goes without saying. If you’re able to allocate where your funds are going it’s easier to save a whole lot more money. Make a list of what goes to bills, groceries, nights out, gas, travel, and savings (yes savings), and please stick with it. *P.S. It doesn’t make sense to budget if you ignore your restrictions on a daily basis.

  4. Have a side hustle- This is harder than it may seem depending on your job or where you live but if you have the opportunity to make extra money, I say take it! Even if it’s $20 extra bucks a week, that’s $20 more than you started with! You can use this for little things like gas or extra groceries, however, if you’re consistent with your budget you can stash it for extra savings and this goes a long way!

I’m no financial guru or anything but I’ve learned some things along the way to help with keeping finances in tact. It’s hard enough thinking about having no money and being able afford things, so why not expend that energy by making life a little easier financially with these simple tips!?



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