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Doing This One Thing Makes Life So Much Better

Let’s face it — we can all be a little...self-absorbed.

We want things to go our way, we want our plans to come to fruition, and when things aren't going the way we envision them, we feel like we’ve failed. That’s been me for the last 2 weeks. I’ve had A LOT of moments lately where I’ve felt like nothing in my life was/is panning the way I’ve wanted it to and to be honest it’s really bothered me. I've been putting in work, and not seeing any manifestation of all my effort. But despite my funk, I still had incredibly good days, filled with visits with friends, celebrating other people's good news, learning new skills, and having time to sleep!! Funnily enough, my devotion for today was cherishing these smaller happier moments because, in a flash, it could all be gone. Sure, life may not be going exactly the way I want and I may not have accomplished all the things I want to do yet. But, putting the focus on what hasn't been done yet and what I could be doing, takes away the happiness I could find in the "ordinary moments" I did have a chance to experience.

I’m still here to make those things happen. I still wake up with life each morning. This sounds like such a cliche, but thinking about one more day to live makes all the "bigger picture" stuff seem a whole lot smaller. With each day, we get one more chance to say thanks, to tell someone we love them, to be kind, to make better decisions, to live to our fullest potential, and to make an impact even if it's just smiling at a stranger. Every second of the day counts and I think we get so caught up that it slips our mind - especially when we're consumed by what we haven't done yet. Instead of focusing on the big picture, and the things you aren’t able to do, try to focus on what you do have. It allows so much room for more appreciation of the people and moments in your life that ordinarily, we would dismiss as a normal occurrence or interaction.

In every moment, second, and all things...give thanks and soak in those little moments.

You deserve every bit of happiness that comes with doing this because it really makes life so much better. :)

- Cheers



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