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Encouragement For Never Giving Up!

How many times have you been plugging away at something — ready to unleash it to the world but you felt like the timing wasn’t right? Or that the reception to your big reveal was just not what you expected?

If the answer is more than once then it's time to keep reading.

We all have something to offer and most of us anxiously wait for the moment that makes us feel like things paid off. But because life is so "unpredictable" for many of us, this moment takes forever to come. We doubt our ability, our work, and our process because everything we're doing stays hidden or like I said...because the time just doesn't seem right to move forward.

So what do you do?

Do you sit and wallow in sadness or do you challenge those feelings and keep on pushing?

I say keep on pushing because the time is now.

I mean what if the reason our big reveal can't happen is because the world isn't ready for us? Or maybe... we aren't ready for the world yet. But that doesn't mean we give up. I've spent a lot of time in thought, and if I’m being honest, in depression... wondering what I was doing with my life and why I was working so feverishly to be rejected, dejected, and "stagnant."

My emotions have been a constant rollercoaster ...until... recently! I came to the conclusion that working on what I am doing and who I am becoming is the only thing that matters. In fact, it's the only thing that ever mattered. I feel like I've been talking about the same things a lot, but I can't help but stress how so much of our pressures in life come from the structure of our current society.

The want for gratification, attention, for other people to accept us, to show us they love us and so on. But what about just living life and doing things because life in it's purest form is all about growing, acceptance, and giving back?

Everything we do is about making experiences better for the next person to come behind us. It's about inspiring humanity and being a blessing. We get so caught up in recognition and the numbers game in terms of reach, and followings, and people who attend our events ectera ectera...that we fail to remember that that's not what life is about.

What about the intention behind your efforts? What about making sure you're ready for the doors being opened to you? What about being the best version of yourself solely just for you? Shoots...What about the things that simply make you happy? What does it matter if our talents and efforts are delayed or that we don’t receive the praise we think it should?

The root cause of all our sad feelings is taking on the perception that everything we do requires some sort of validation. But I wanted to share with you, that it doesn't.

Get back to the things you love because YOU love them. Because what you do brings you joy and serves some kind of deeper purpose other than self-gratification. We all have something we love... some dream or goal we've been working on, and because the praise doesn't come or because we're delayed in sharing our work...does that mean we give up?

I say heck no. You are on this earth for a reason. You are blessed with ideas and giftings for a reason, and just because it hasn’t paid off yet doesn't mean that what you're doing isn't good enough!

We all struggle with the question of holding on or letting go especially when we know we're talented and meant to be making an impact in some way shape or form. But I encourage you to Be bold, Be Brave, and Be You.

This is such a cliche but there's no one on this earth that can do what you do like you do. There's no one with your talent, your thoughts, your ideas, your implementation, your style, your strength, your vibes. So trust that. And if the timing isn't quite right... don't give up. If people don't notice what you have ...DON'T GIVE UP. One moment, one yes, one act can change the scope of your entire world.

And I promise you'll feel ten times better when you release those worries and live freely without the weight of validation.

Here's to a happier year and a happier you.



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