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DIY: Creating An Insta-worthy Brunch At Home (How To Do It)

This past weekend I was craving the insta-worthy experience that I see so many bloggers posting about. They have the perfect glow to match their pearly smiles at a picturesque cafe eating brunch somewhere in Prague.

Of course, there I was at home in my boyfriend’s oversized t-shirt and a box of pizza in front of me thinking “Why can’t my life by like that?” And then it hit me…

“Why CAN’T my life be like that?”

It dawned on me in that moment that it actually can! Only better! I was going to create the perfect picturesque brunch in Prague -- without ever leaving my own home.

Of course, I could just grab some of my girls, find a cute restaurant and do it that way -- but, being the extroverted-introvert that I am, I wanted the restaurant experience without actually having to go anywhere; so, I set to work.

Fast forward, turns out, the perfect brunch is truly achievable and here's how:

1. Research

The first thing I did on my journey to creating the perfect brunch at home, was research. I googled bourgeois restaurants and browsed their menus and when I got sick of seeing things like “Poached eel eggs with squid ink”, I went back to the basics with a google search entitled “easy recipes for brunch”

Kay guys...theres a lot....

2. Pick a menu

Just like at a restaurant, you should start off with your menu. It makes things easier the day of because even though you may cook all the time, cooking all those meals at once while trying to maintain your 12:00 pm deadline is HARD.

For my main dish I decided on:

  • Frittatas

  • Turkey Bacon

  • Blueberry and Raspberry Oatmeal Scones (gluten-free)

  • And I paired it with coffee, mimosas, and a fruit plate.

You realistically could make things like scones the day before, but I wanted that fresh baked goods feel so I did it the morning of.

3. Set the theme

Because, I wanted the full experience, I set a theme for my brunch. It was “Rich Divorcee at the Country Club High Tea”. The name is long, but it definitely captures the vibe I was going for. Everyone wore sun hats, floral dresses and big "rich lady" sun-glasses. Yes, we were indoors in my living room (because the weather was bad, but dressing up definitely added to the experience).

4. Presentation

Your brunch’s presentation is key. Instead of just setting the food out on a table, try little designs. It really ups the ante and adds a flair to the meal that regular plating just doesn’t provide. For buffet style, if you’re serving egg muffins, try arranging them into a tower; or organize your fruit on kebobs. Depending on the environment and the theme, have fun with it and be as creative as you like!

So, next time you’re bored and don’t want to leave your house, try to create your own perfect brunch and #thechamplife to share it with us! Whether you’re alone, with a partner, or everyone pitches in for groceries to host all your friends, it's an experience everyone should have!

Happy Brunching!


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