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Fun Alcohol Free Mimosa Recipe To Try Out

Everyone loves a good Mimosa right!?

The champagne and OJ combo has almost become a staple, but sometimes alcohol isn't always needed to enjoy these morning treats.

Needless to say, us Smith gals have cut back on alcohol and instead, we've come up with alternative ways to do mimosas- any time of the day.

Here's all you need for a wholesome Alcohol Free Mimosa!

  • Orange Juice

  • Sparkling Water (we opt for flavoured La Croix)

  • Frozen Fruits

Once you have all the ingredients the next course of action is to mix em' altogether.

We always add the sparkling water first to gauge the sizzle factor. Orange juice can be added after and finally -- the frozen fruits of your choice can be thrown in. This can be a berry medley or the classic strawberry, mango, peach mix that goes so well with OJ!

After adding all the components, be sure to stir and get to sippin!

PS -- Cranberry Juice is always a great replacement especially when serving at a family party :)

Photos: Jamika Danielle



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