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Adult Slumber Parties: What You Need To Get Started

Slumber Parties: Aren’t you too old for that?

The answer is an absolute, positive, undoubtable  N-O! To my 40-something year old mother and whoever else out there that thinks that you’re too old to be having slumber parties once you're past a certain age, first of all how dare you?

And second of all, slumber parties are like wine -- they get better with age.

Wikipedia (because what’s more reliable than good ole’ wiki), defines a slumber party (or sleepover) as “a party", most commonly held by children or teenagers, where a guest or guests are invited to stay overnight at the home of a friend.” Let me first point out that they said, “Most commonly” held by children, meaning “not limited to” -- see that glass half full mentality? 

Moreover, the concept of a slumber party is one which represents the overnight gathering of friends!

Friendship is based on connection and interaction.

It’s foundation is built on fostering bonds between you and another person, so what better way to foster a bond than to have a SLEEPOVER!

To test out this theory, I decided to host my first adult “Slumber Party”. I posed the idea of a real authentic slumber party to 5 friends all ranging from early to late twenties and shocker -- They all LOVED IT!

Sure, we’ve all had friends sleep over before, but a lot of time tends to be spent looking down at our phones then falling asleep. This time I went ALLLL the way out. No phones, just good old fashioned fun -- like when we were kids!

A lot has changed since the early 2000’s (when I was old enough to remember a sleepover), so I recreated my childhood memories -- only in an adultified way.

To plan my adult slumber party, I had to consider a few things...

How to recreate the magic of slumber parties as a child, all the while maintaining the perks of being an adult! So I got to work and here are a few things I did to plan my super sleepover extravaganza:


I love crafting and dressing up, so what better way to incorporate my two favorite things than to make my slumber party THEMED! I went with Bubble Gum Dreams - so let’s just say there was Pink, Pink and more Pink!


“Toto? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!” The day’s without social media are over and this is a time when millennials are shining. As such, my sleepover would not be complete without a photo wall.  I’m talking a crafty background - to capture all of our fake laughs and faux casual “I’m not looking at the camera, I’m looking at a speck of dust on the floor” poses for all of our insta fans.

  • BOOZE!: nuff said


Adult sleepovers require quite a bit of modification, like booze and insta pics; but, the one thing that remains unchanged is the never-ending supply of junk food. I’m talking chips, ice-cream, candy, and cookies! Plus, we’re finally old enough to use the oven without our mom’s permission -- so, baking anyone?


Remember back in the day when blockbuster was our only movie resource? -- And half the time what we wanted to see wasn’t even there!? Well, have no fear... Netflix is here! With tons of Rom-coms at our disposal, grab some kleenex and get ready to cry your hearts out girls.


I went to my local Homesense and bought some ladies night games. This was a great way to get to know each other better and have a ton of laughs! The more embarrassing or personal the questions, the better!


The best part of a sleepover is falling asleep together! Yes, I know you’re older but do not fall into the “Okay I’m heading to my room trap”. Slumber parties are about togetherness so set up lots of pillows and blankets in the living room and enjoy! A sore back tomorrow has nothing on the memories made today!

Fun fact, I read somewhere that the first reported sleepover in history was held in 1942! Well the most recent sleepover in history just happened the other night!

*Download our Game Guide for your Adult Slumber Party here


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