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7 Reasons Why You Should Dance With Us Next Weekend

As human beings, we all have multiple interests. Honestly, it's hard to hone in on just one. For us, giving back is one of those things we love doing. Not in a cliche sort of way but in the way that we were all created to live.

It's evident that living your best life and doing things that enhance humanity is a recurring theme of our blogs, but it's also something we strive to do in real life. That's why even though we're not necessarily where we wanted to be a year after starting The Champagne Series... we're continuously making little steps by practicing what we preach.

As part of "putting money where our mouths are", next weekend... on August 8th & 9th we will be hosting our Digital Dance Summit. The Dance Summit is an extension of Dance Clinic GBI-- a one-day event that offers unstinting access to professional dance training in The Bahamas that we started back in 2016.

Naturally, as The Champagne Series is a platform we began after the fact, the digital event is now something that's turned global and we will continue to hold it under the umbrella of our brand as we expand.

So why should you dance with us next weekend?

1. Because dance is a great way to exercise and stay fit

A while back we hosted a live event with Band It Fitness on IG and you all loved it. We know that fitness is a huge part of living your best life and dancing is truly a fun way to keep the momentum going. Even if you aren't a serious dancer, you can benefit from engaging in one of the 4 free live classes that will be hosted on Facebook! Even if you feel like you may be a little intimidated, you can still join us on Sunday, August 9th for a fun CaribFunk Fitness class that incorporates Caribbean based movement and music with fundamental exercise techniques.

2. You can burn off those calories

The movement involved in all dance forms impacts so many areas of the body you don't usually get to workout. That means that your opportunity to burn off those pesky calories is heightened! In only one hour of class, you can burn somewhere between 200 - 450 calories without even thinking about it!

3. Great for cardiovascular health

Not only is dance a great way to keep your mind off of things and reduce stress, but it's super healthy for the heart. Due to the style of exercise, dancing gets your heart rate going, improves your blood circulation, and overall stamina.

4. Helps with posture

People always envy dancers' posture. But you can have the same great posture too! With a few dance classes, you will feel like you grew an extra inch simply due to the requirement to be aware of what your body is doing at all times. This heightened awareness also translates outside of the classroom, so you will see an impact practically overnight.

5. Works out your brain

While your muscles are working, so is your brain! When dancing, you must be cognizant of the moves you're doing so your brain becomes super active. Committing movement to memory allows you to work those brain cells in new ways, which is always beneficial for keeping your mind youthful and alert.

6. Provides an Escape

We touched on this briefly, but dance allows you to transcend while leaving your worries behind. It technically forces you to be in the moment, while switching your focus solely on the movement and the music. During these times, this kind of carefree escape is something we all need. It also allows you to communicate what you're feeling without even talking!

7. You can do it at home

We talked about all the personal benefits of dancing in general, BUT the best reason to dance with us next weekend is that you don't have to leave the house to join us! You can simply be free in the comfort of your own home. No judgment, no fear...just you, the movement, and the music.

We really hope that you can join us during this incredible experience next weekend on August 8th & 9th! Take some time to immerse yourself in all dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Modern & CaribFunk Fitness! All classes will be taught by current industry professionals as our way of giving back.

Find out more information about the event by visiting or simply head on over to our Facebook Page next weekend to catch all the live classes :)


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