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Want To Keep In Touch Virtually? Here Are 5 Fun Ways To Do It

Bad news guys -- Corona is still happening! And let's face it -- most of us hate it. We're wired for relationships and interaction, so it's understandable that isolation and social distancing has been tough.

But, just because we're in quarantine, it doesn't mean we have to be alone!

Here are 5 ways to keep in touch with everyone virtually!

1) Zoom

Zoom is probably getting the most play it's ever gotten. People are teaching classes, working out, hosting happy hours, and catching up with their groups. Honestly, it's the perfect platform for mid- large meetups. If you don't have a Zoom account or haven't had a Zoom meeting as yet, it's on our list of "must-try"! Just visit their website, sign up, and get zooming!

2) What's App

What's App has been more geared towards an international audience, but it really is perfect for just about anyone! Not only can you group call via audio; but you can do video calls and group messages. My friends, family, and I have kept in touch on a daily basis with fun moments throughout the day and this app has truly been a lifesaver when it comes to staying connected.

3) Facetime & iMessage

About 2 weeks ago a friend and I had a FaceTime club night and it was the bomb! We danced around in our living rooms to music and isolated...together. We dressed up, had a theme for the entire night, and even made snacks! I've also started playing games in iMessage on a daily basis and truth be told, I forgot how fun and addicting those games are. Though there's no talking going on, knowing that someone else is on the other side of the phone playing against you still remains a pretty cool way to stay in touch. I'm an iPhone user, so, unfortunately, I won't be able to give any personal recommendations for androids- but I'm sure they have something similar for you all out there.

4) Go Live or Ask Questions

Just about everyone is taking advantage of their social platforms- whether that be by having talks on IG or Facebook Live or answering questions from fellow followers. We hosted our first Live with Band It Fitness just a week ago, and it was awesome!!

Sure, we agree that sometimes, social Live's can be annoying but sometimes, giving your own talk or joining in on someone else's Live experience gives you the release you may need at this time. FYI--- this does not mean to tell everyone your business... unless you're ok with the consequences that come with doing that then, by all means, go fo it.

5) Watch Movies

Netflix has a movie watch party feature they rolled out which creates a bigger sense of community. If you don't feel like taking advantage of that, call your friends, pick a movie and watch it together. You can chat all about the film while watching via messages or choose to watch together via video call!

So there you have it! 5 Ways To Keep In Touch Virtually! distancing does not mean cutting off contact- it simply just requires a little creativity and a whole lot more effort :)


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