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What To Watch? Netflix New Releases August 2019

Netflix -- it's the movie platform we all know and love! ----- and for anyone who's familiar with binge-watching, it's safe to say that new Netflix releases are something to look forward to!

This month, the popular streaming service is finally providing a much needed fix for our 90's nostalgia by bringing back some of our childhood favorites; as well as a few of our favorite binge-worthy shows. So, grab your gals because here's what to look out for!

  • The House Bunny - The quintessential girls night classic that (along with mean girls) was on permanent replay during every middle to high-school slumber party! Though middle school is long behind us, this feel-good comedy is exactly the blast from the past that your next ladies night in needs! If you missed this one in theaters, don't worry --- we've got you covered! The House Bunny follows the hilarious journey of Playboy bunny Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris) who lands a job as house mother to a group of "awkward" sorority girls, after being kicked out of the playboy mansion. On her own journey of self-discovery, she must hilariously help her "daughters" recruit thirty new pledges to stop their house from being shut down.

  • Now and Then - Calling all the 90's babies Set in the summer of 1970, this movie follows the adventures of four 12-year-old girls as they attempt to solve a cold-case murder. As they try to uncover the mystery surrounding the victims' death, the girls also try to navigate life, love, and puberty. In addition, they never stop trying to make the most of their summer break by planning some epic pranks on the neighborhood boys. It's the perfect coming of age story to end the summer season!

  • Dear White People: Volume 3 - When you have to wait so long for another season of such a good show... all we can say is FINALLY! Last season left us viewers with a SERIOUS cliffhanger where we caught a glimpse of a member of the "Order of X," -a secret society that was alluded to during the show. This season, we're looking forward to the unveiling of a new character and secret narrator. Grab your popcorn early because we know you'll be glued to your screens for days.

  • The Rocky Movies - We all fell in love with Creed and Creed II namely because of Michael B Jordan, but the Rocky Movies will always be classics and we're here for Netflix brining them back!

The movies tell the "rags to riches" dream story of Rocky Balboa and chronicles his boxing career.

Some other good titles to look out for are:

Groundhog Day

Jupiter Ascending

Sex and the City: The Movie

Jane The Virgin, Season 5 - Aug 8

Cable Girls, Season 4 - Aug 9

GLOW, Season 3 - Aug 9

Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready - Aug 13


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