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Beauty 101: 2 Cheap Hacks to Fix Dry Skin Fast

I've been struggling with super dry skin lately. Mainly because the weather has been cold but the feeling is really not something I'm a fan of.

Truth be told, I have normal-dry skin to begin with and it seems like with the weather, my skin is basically a reptile. Not a great thing to admit, but hey, it's real.

If you're like me, then you know how uncomfortable it is to be walking around with not so moisture-filled skin. I've used moisturizer, applied makeup with water... literally, I tried everything. So, in today's blog, I'm sharing 2 cheap beauty hacks that will fix your dry skin problems fast!

Before I begin to tell you my secrets, I'll let you all know that these incredible moisturizers from Beekman1802 helped my face feel normal again. Though the products were a great start, they still didn't give my skin the same dewy feeling I have during summer seasons.

That's when I realized that I probably wasn't drinking enough water OR eating enough leafy greens, fruits, and other great foods for my skin.

Now... I generally eat very healthily, BUT, I tend to cook whats easy... especially when I'm on the go. I also forget to drink large amounts of water (even though this is pretty much the only drink I keep in my fridge).

My dry skin, caused me to up my intake and well, think more about my diet!

The way our body feels on the inside is generally reflected in our skin on the outside. This is something I always knew, but feeling the difference when I was lacking gave me the boost I needed to water and nourish my organs. Sounds creepy- I know- but if our organs aren't getting enough of what they need, how can we expect our outside to remain youthful and glowy!?

I also cut back on my dairy intake, added more olive oil when cooking, and switched to things like vegan cheese and almond creamers whenever I'd have have a cup of coffee. * I'd recommend staying away from too many cups of coffee just because you want to make sure the water does its job when flowing through your body!

Outside of being more conscientious about my diet, I also started using fresh aloe overnight to enhance the moisture through my body- especially for my face! I've been applying aloe now for about 4-5 days and the results have been impeccable!

It's funny because most times, we think about skin issues as something that can be corrected from the outside. We find new products, try chemical peels, do a mask or two every day...honestly, we tend to do everything under the sun BEFORE realizing that most of our skin problems stem from what we put into our bodies.

A simple shift in mindset when you approach your beauty routine is essential! It's also ALOT cheaper in the long run because water and aloe literally cost me a total of $3.00 (if that).

So there you have it! 2 Cheap Beauty Hacks guaranteed to fix your dry skin right now!!

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