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Working Remotely: How To Make The Most Of Your Time

As we mentioned in our last blog, a lot of us are currently working from home. Sure, we may be taking advantage of flex time and casual attire, but working remotely isn't all about comfort and sleeping.

After having the opportunity to experience remote working before, this time around I have been way more conscious of this reality. There are actually a lot of rules to follow to ensure you're producing at your highest level.

That's why today, we've decided to share with you some tips on working remotely and how to make the most of your time!

Most people believe that one thing that suffers when you have the option to work remotely is productivity -- and well... if you're not a type-A personality, this is probably true. At home you have the option to be comfortable -- which for most of us means T.V. on, working in bed and not really getting much done.

To solve the problem you want to:

1) Wake up

This seems like a given, but when working from home, we tend to push the boundaries. Yes, you can easily adjust your hours, but the bottom line is that if you're supposed to be clocked in during certain times... you want to be clocked in. This means still setting your alarm, making breakfast, and possibly (or not changing out of pj's). Your ability to be alert in the morning plays a huge factor in how productive your day will be. You want to start the morning energized and alert. I am a morning person, so when working remotely, I get up about 30 mins before my day starts to get breakfast and settle in. I tend to take my showers later in the day when I find myself wanting to take a nap to avoid "sleeping on the job." If you're not a morning person, you may want to adjust your tactics and give yourself an hour to "wake -up" and prep yourself for the day.

2) Limit your distractions

Working from home allows you the luxury to have loud music and/or TV in the background. While some extra noise can break up the monotony of isolation and provide some form of motivation, for a few of us, it can prove to be a distraction. One of the first things I learned when working remotely is that your workday should be set up just as it would as if you were in an office. If you wouldn't ordinarily watch T.V. or do laundry during your workday, you shouldn't really be doing any of those things while you're at home.

We all have different ways of working and so it is important to know what works for you and how you work your best so you only put out incredible results.

3) Make a schedule

Truth be told, when working remotely, you're almost forced to be more organized. People are always looking for you to prove you're using the time wisely and to prove that you're actually working. Setting a schedule lets you be flexible with your projects, it holds you accountable and keeps you on a strict timeline.

4) Dress the part

People always say that you should dress as if you're in an office, or at least dress up to add to your productivity and get you in the mindset that you're on a job. I never really did this because it didn't make much of a difference ...BUT for some people, this really helps and it never hurts to give it a try!

5) Take breaks

If you're like me and get into a "flow" you'll find it very hard to pull away from your computer. Honestly, when I get into a flow, I'm fully committed and the only thing that stops me or breaks my flow is hunger. But, to avoid burning out its always important to take breaks.

Having breaks while working remotely is absolutely essential because you give your mind some time to shut off and you allow yourself to recharge. You should always give yourself at least 15 mins between projects, even if it's just to eat, to gather yourself/ regroup for your next task.

6) Learn to stop working

This was something that took me a while to grasp because if I'm home, I always like to be doing something. If I have a project to complete, I always want to get it done. This kind of approach can lead to overworking and makes your remote experience less freeing than it actually is. With the idea that you can give yourself a flex schedule or work on your own time...the work never really ends. Learning how to set and manage your hours gives you a higher reward when it comes to your entire experience. If you need to, go ahead and set an alarm for when your workday is complete so your brain registers that you are done! Be sure to decompress after a long day because it helps you prep for the next day ahead!



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