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What's Up With Valentine's Day? The Men Tell All

Usually, for Valentine's Day, we women post A LOT about what we want. We share hints here and there hoping men will pick up on them. We romanticize the idea of possibility, or we wallow in singleness because we don't have a special someone to even think about being happy or disappointed with. This is the endless cycle of "Valentine's Day".

Truth be told, we could've easily done a post about how to prep for V-day or what to do last minute for singles or to make things seem more romantic than they actually are but we wanted to do something different.

We actually wanted to share all about the MEN, what they really think about Valentine's Day, and their take on relationships!

Time to meet 5 guys (of course one is Cydnie's bf) who happily agreed to let The Champagne Series into their brains!

Ryan: Sometimes I feel as if Valentine’s Day is a day that society has just used to pressure everybody into spending unnecessary money on every and anything red, pink and/or white. On the other hand, I recognize that this day is a bit more than that. To me, Valentine’s Day is all about acknowledging not only to your partner but to yourself how much you love him/her. As human beings, we naturally become complacent over a period of time of being with our special person, we start to take for granted just how special that special someone is. It's important that we remind our partner and ourselves of that love. I love to celebrate my lady each and every day, and while Valentine’s Day is a day that definitely makes me want to gesture my love, it certainly isn’t and won’t be the only day of the year I do just that.

Herb: Personally, I think Valentine's Day is a ridiculous Hallmark holiday. The restaurants jack up prices, are busy, have fixed menus (usually not always) and to me, that’s not intimate. I usually worked late on Valentine's Day. So if I was in a relationship at the time, we would have a date night on the weekend or another random day to celebrate. But, in my opinion, you shouldn’t need a made-up holiday to show love and appreciation to your significant other. Special date nights or randomly showing someone you care on any old day seems way more romantic than doing it on a widely celebrated holiday.

Will: To me, I believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day. Me and my wife, we don’t really like Valentine’s Day because we believe in the sanctity of loving each other every day. It doesn’t have to always be romantic, but things like notes left in places she can find them, cuddling with her at night, treating her to a spa day, or something as simple as doing house chores (nothing turns a lady on more than doing house chores) goes a long way. I do those things men can always forget about doing. Overall, we try to do the little things like that to keep the love fresh each and every day.

Shawn: For me, Valentines day is just like any other day because each day I try to make my significant other feel like they are appreciated and loved. I am not just doing it because of the specific day, but I've tried to make my girlfriend feel loved more and more each day because that's what I value in our relationship and what I think is most important. I believe Valentine's Day is just like February 15th because I already do what I can for her and more every day.

Jaime: Valentines Day is a cool holiday to show appreciation but I definitely think it's a "marketing holiday". Some people get super carried away if a guy or woman doesn't go "all out" and I think those people who go overboard and get mad if someone else doesn't, should rethink their perspective on relationships and what it really means to be in one. Despite feeling like it shouldn't be a grand holiday IF you're showing love and appreciation throughout the year, I think Valentine's Day does have its place. Once a reiteration of love is shown, no matter how small or significant, I think the day serves a purpose.

So there you have it ladies! If you have a thoughtful man, he WILL go the extra mile to show you you're loved simply because the holiday means something to you &/or the relationship. Don't feel the need to pressure men into doing something they prefer to do anyway just for the sake of the Holiday and to keep up with the Joneses. Your love is YOUR love and when you both do things on your own terms, without the chatter of other people in your ears, or comparing, everyone will be happier with the relationship they chose to nurture and be in.

With that said, Happy almost V-Day Kiddos.

Comment below if you agree with what the men had to say and don't forget to share this post!!!

*Ok...I'm gonna buy some ice cream now while I decide how to spend my V-day with my singlesssss* (insert operatic voice here)



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