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Timeless Wardrobe Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Looking back in the world of fashion, it's easy to see how trends have changed, how styles come and go, and how some pieces never ever go out of style.

Truthfully there are certain pieces that are just timeless and they ought to be in every woman's closet because they can be worn at any occasion and save you a whole lot of wasted money. If you're wondering what these pieces are (outside of the classic white tee and small clutch), we've put together a few basic items that every fabulous female should own.

As any financial guru would probably say, "take your time to collect each item slowly to ensure that you don't spend all of your savings at once". However, if you can afford everything at one time...why not treat yourself to a mini shopping spree? (We've included a few linked items incase you want to start shopping today!)

Well here it goes!

Denim Jacket

If we're being honest, we wouldn't suggest anyone cheap out on buying this staple mainly because denim is such a rich material that you can tell if it's not good quality. You also want the clothing to last a long time so buying something just for "fashion" would defeat the purpose of investing in timeless wardrobe pieces. If you don't want to spend the money, we suggest raiding a family members closet! Everyone has old denim lying around somewhere and you're bound to find a nice jacket that they can probably hand off to you!

Black Flat Shoe

From the working woman to the stay at home mom, a black flat is essential for every woman! They can go with literally anything and can either spruce up a casual ripped jean or dress down a fitted pant paired with a blazer.

Generally, when it comes to finding the perfect flat, you should also take into consideration your shoe shape and size as not every cut/design is intended for all feet. The goal is to have your legs looking as elegant as possible, so we've included a few options that could work for every foot shape!

Pearl Earrings

A simple stud always comes in handy, not to mention they're quick and easy to put in and keep in your ears long term. As a woman on the move, it's hard to constantly change earrings everyday so having a go to pair of pearls always makes life a little easier. Plus pearls are super classy and they go with with almost everything!

Trench Coat /Blazer

Trench coats are perfect for most seasons because they're extremely versatile! If you live in a colder place, or one that experiences all four seasons, a trench coat is particularly one of those pieces to have to wear on a daily basis. They not only spruce up any outfit but are also very functional!

When it comes to blazers, this is one piece that should be purchased no matter where you live. A blazer, just like the flat shoe can go with any and everything. It's also a simple wardrobe staple that can be kept in the back of your car for any professional or personal meeting that pops up!

We'd love to add to the list and create a complete guide to closet staples! Comment if you agree with our selections and share some of your favorite timeless wardrobe pieces below!



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