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This Christmas Will Be...

Hello again!

This Christmas we intended to be writing you as a sister-sister duo soaking up the sun and sipping on mojitos! My sister and I had attempted to plan a family trip to Curacao with our brother, mom, her mom, our dad, stepmother, and step-sister. However, with so many schedules being up in the air that plan quickly fell through and well... we're all doing our own thing for Christmas.

Despite our wish to have had a family Christmas getaway, we're still making the best of the holidays and we're soooo excited to bring you fresh content in 2020!

I will tell you that you'll be in for a treat because Cydnie and her bf are currently in Portugal (a surprise trip from him) and their content will be AMAZING!! I was supposed to stay in Atlanta, but, our dad blessed me with me a ticket to The Bahamas which means I'll also be warm this Christmas! Oh, and we'll have A LOT of travel-related blogs for you to read!

Unfortunately, our brother won't be with any of us but he'll be having a great (and cold) time in Canada with his girlfriend and well our mom will also be in The Bahamas. So at least some part of the family will be together!

With that said, The Champagne Series will be closed until after Christmas, but we wanted to share 10 special nuggets with you before we go on hiatus.

1) Take all the time you need for you

2) Remember to cherish the moments you have with the people around can still have a great holiday with friends if you're not able to be with family

3) Don't stress out about gifts. Most people now appreciate things that will make their life easier or tokens that meet a need ( like gas or groceries). Even if you end up opting-out of gift-giving and people shoot you the evil eye, who cares. We're all adults with real expenses and there are other ways to show your appreciation (even if it's baking cookies or making a card) - just let them know ahead of time that you're not giving anything

4) Reflect on the year and on your actions. Figure out how you can make a difference in your life and the lives of others and how you can start or continue to grow next year

5) Celebrate the good and bad times and don't forget that all things in life are meant to stretch you and if you let them... the lessons will push you closer to your purpose

6) Tell people you love them

7) Make amends. The holidays are a great time to ask or offer forgiveness. If this is something you need to do, we encourage you to go ahead and do it - even if you're scared

8) Give thanks. Because we believe in God, we share in this sentiment of thanking Him for what He's done in our lives...we also thank people. Everyone deserves gratitude

9) Rest. Don't let the hustle and bustle of the holidays get you down, it's never worth it

10) Laugh. Everyone loves a happy camper!

I know this is probably not the post you were expecting, but this is a lifestyle blog after all. Anddd we're here to encourage your ultimate happiness!

See you soon! And we hope you enjoy your holidays <3


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