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Quarantine: A Blessing In Disguise

With nothing much going on except the regularly scheduled COVID conversation, I’ve really been distancing myself.

Not just physical distancing but distancing mentally and emotionally as well. I’ve put down my phone and my devices and really put my all into taking a step back from my day-to-day to enjoy a much-needed break.

While isolation has been making us all a little stir-crazy and we’ve been trying extra hard to stay connected, there is something really beautiful about all this time apart.

It’s an opportunity to TRULY disconnect.

We see it on TV all the time... celebrities and moguls running off to some wellness retreat in the woods or to some island to escape it all, and that’s what I’ve been doing since this COVID-19 quarantine has started!

Escaping it all — no phone, no computer (except for work), no distractions. I’ve really been channeling my disconnection into finding things that make me happy!

  1. I’ve started baking (and put on like 15 pounds)

  2. Working out at home (to help lose the15 pounds)

  3. And catching up on all of the things I couldn’t do when I was super busy!

The thing is shifting our perspective to view this as more than just an inconvenience! But an opportunity and a blessing to do the things we never get to do when we’re constantly on the go.

We might be stuck inside for a little while longer but these quiet moments are the ones we’ll look back on and wish we made the most of when our normal lives start again!



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