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Protecting Your Circle | The Power In Choosing

Lately, we've been trying to steer away from too many health & lifestyle posts; but, the truth is, sometimes you just have to follow the direction in which you're led.

I'm sure many of you have been at this point -- you want to shift towards something; but, you feel a pull towards something else. It's like no matter how hard you try, you're stuck in this proverbial tug of war between what you think you should do and what you KNOW you should. In the end, you just have to go with your gut, aka..write another lifestyle blog post.

For the past few days, I've been thinking about this quote I saw. It said, "Keep your circle small and your mind at peace," and though at that moment, I sort of brushed it off -- those words kept simmering in my spirit. Keep your circle small and your mind at peace.

As I pondered those words, I started to think about my own circle and how much they add to my life. They have been a constant source of strength for me, particularly these past few months when my life has been at its most difficult. I have sacrificed my comfort, my sanity, and so much more, to try to accomplish my aspirations and if I'm being honest, IT'S BEEN HELL. However, the only things in my life that have been steadfast and helped me navigate through it all, are my reliance on God and my inner circle.

No matter my decisions, they have been a constant source of guidance and support. That's the thing about inner circles, they are the people you can trust wholeheartedly to believe in your dreams and support you every step of the way... even when things get hard. They are the people that keep you set on your goals and inspire peace and positivity when everything around you is crumbling. That's why protecting your circle is so important.

By protecting, I don't mean physically either (although you could); I mean being protective about who you let in. The truth is, not everyone around you wants the best for you and as we get older, then stakes get higher. Our dreams, our plans, our visions, all become subject to scrutiny and the watchful eye of the rest of the world. Everything we say and do gets judged, whether outright or in secret; and a lot of the time, we end up being subjected to the opinions of those that aren't FOR us.

As we get older, it becomes more and more necessary to keep the amount of people who have access to us, small. This doesn't mean limit friendships or networks, this just means those with whom we share our plans for prosperity. Not everyone needs to know what you're doing and not everyone needs to have access to you.

You literally have the power to control who trust while you're on your personal journey just by choosing. For me, making the right choices were key. While I'm not the most trusting person to begin with, I've always been cautious of who I let in, but it's so much more than that. You also have to be cautious of who you're taking advice from, who you exert energy into and who you tell your plans to.

So many times we think the people we hold dear to our hearts can handle everything we unpack on them; but, in all honesty, sometimes those people can't handle our truths. We need to become aware of who to tell things and what we tell them for our own sanity and progression.

It's funny because currently, my circle mainly consists of family and go-getter type friends - people I've known for a while and some I've known for a total of 3 months. I know it's odd, but sometimes, the people you let in your space don't have the be the people you've known for years. What matters is that they keep you grounded, hold you accountable and that they match your energy.

Someone I've known for three months has been there motivating me without even knowing it, because that's just the way they live their life! It has caused me to look at myself and re-wire my thought process which has ultimately opened doors for me and created within me an appreciation of my situation. At first, it was uncomfortable because I started to feel inadequate; but, through the support and energy I was being given, it awoke in me a desire to push my boundaries and challenge myself.

This is what your circle is supposed to do for you.

See, sometimes we think our circle is meant for people that we can dump all our problems on. Sure, this can be the case, but in actuality, the people in our circle are supposed to add something to our lives and vice versa.

People can be exhausting, problems can be exhausting, and when you have people around who cause you to focus on solutions instead of a pity party or just agree with you, your tenacity to keep on going increases by 10,000.

Over the past few months, my circle did just that.

They've kept me 1) sane and 2) believing I can do whatever I put my mind to.

No one was jealous, no one was discouraging...everyone just wanted to be there.


A group of people who can uplift, inspire, and shift your focus to solely enjoying and learning from every moment.

Like I said before, everyone serves a purpose -- and often, the purpose someone serves can change based on the circumstance; but, this only happens if you choose your circle wisely.

As we approach the end of the year, I challenge you to look at the people you have close to you. Ask yourself if they challenge you or if they're just there to keep you comfortable. Look at their lives and determine if they're going after their goals or if they're pulling you into a rut. Find out if they push you to go after your dreams, or if they try to discourage your aspirations. Do they want you to succeed and have happiness or are their actions showing otherwise?

Slowly start to take note of these things and soon you'll begin to level up with a circle that is much more powerful than you've ever imagined!



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