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How To Become Your Best Self: The Secret To Overcoming Depression

We’ve all heard the saying that “life happens” and sometimes when it happens, it hits us hard. It throws us the most out of pocket hard balls that you never see coming and when you do, it’s already too late to dodge them.

Unfortunately, these “hard balls” are meant to knock us down and keep us there until we’re either unable to function or unable to pick ourselves up enough to get up and move on.

These “hard balls” may come in the form of a breakup/divorce, sickness, debt, loss of a job or stability and well, the list could go on. But, the point is that there’s always going to be something or things in life that make your light flicker.

Unfortunately, while your light is flickering you may be so distracted by the fact that your’e not fully lit that you fail to realize the importance of standing up and strengthening your flame.

But the important thing to notice is that your light is ONLY flickering- it’s not out yet!

I know, this is harder than it seems especially when some circumstances are beyond our control, but what we need to remember is that while we’re going through our struggles, nothing is thrown on us than we can’t overcome.

I tend to bring this in from a Christian standpoint, however, it goes beyond that. Nothing is impossible for us to beat so long as we believe that we can beat it, we have the power to keep our light shining!

I’m not gonna lie -I’ve been hit with so many hard balls and issues in the past year to the point where I felt like I was going crazy. I couldn’t control my thoughts and things just got difficult.

I had to stop and realize that in order to persevere I needed to take control of my mindset and make a change.

Being an upstanding Capricorn, (whose sole goal had always been perfectionism and having my stuff together) making the decision to change and let go of this picture perfect mentality was probably the most difficult thing for me to do. But I had to do it! I needed to let go of this wild idea that I had to have everything in order to lead a decent life and face myself and my issues head on.

I needed to realize that perspective is everything and when you begin to think about your struggles as a way to propel you forward or even as a teaching mechanism, you’re going to be ready to not only face your situation but to get out of it!

It was at this point that I learned how to “fool proof” myself from falling into depression or my unfortunate anxiety- which are both tremendous struggles that people deal with on a daily basis.

My point is, we all have a purpose, a goal, a reason to be living, and when you take on the mindset that every situation you face is a situation to be thankful for, you’ll eventually begin to see the light and how much happier you can be when you stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on the road ahead.

Being thankful for your problems may sound like a crazy idea, I know. But in my 25 years of life, (though I may not be able to help with much) I can say that I’ve truly learned and understand how to master my peace.

Of course there are moments when I slip up and I sink back into old habits, but taking a few breaths and regrouping thoughts makes all the difference! If you learn to just let it all go and think of your circumstances in a way that diminishes the problem and amplifies the process of growth, your light will always continue to shine- and you’ll constantly be becoming a better version of yourself without even knowing!




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