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New Years Resolutions | Do or Ditch?

Recently someone asked me if I'd started working on my New Year's Resolutions.

You know -- that list we plan at the start of the year, then stress out about not accomplishing by the time December 31st hits?

Over the last few years I've tried to make myself write some goals down, but this year I've said, "HARD PASS".

Not because I don't have any goals or because I don't believe in things manifesting, but because I've adopted a new motto of only controlling the things that are controllable.

This means:

1. Acknowledging that I have absolutely NO IDEA what next year looks like (especially after an unexpected 2020)

2. Planning only to accomplish things for the month.

With this new approach, I don't have to be overwhelmed by big yearly goals only to be let down at the end of the year because I couldn't complete them in the time frame I expected.

I know I have roughly 30 days each month to work on executing what is feasible, and therefore controlling only what I personally can.

So I have my goals for January and that's all I'll try to focus on as this new year peeks around the corner.

If you wish to do the same, we have a simple guide for the Month!

Your 4 Step Guide To Monthly Planning

  • To make the most of your monthly "resolutions," be sure to only write down things that you have the power to control.

  • Get intentional about those things and what you can do towards executing them.

  • Allow room for surprise! Don't be afraid to add a few things to the bottom of your list that you'd wish to happen within that month!

Last but not least ALWAYS...always leave a space for your blessings.

While you cross off your goals and see those thing comes to fruition, be aware of the smaller or bigger things that made your life easier!

Whether you happened to save $5 on food or someone treated you to lunch...when you acknowledge your monthly blessings, your accomplishments become so much more exciting.

This not only gives you something to look forward to in the months to come, but you also remain in a state of gratitude -- which is hands down the best attitude you can have when you're trying to focus on controlling what you can.

For everything else, just leave that up to God <3

In 2021, do yourself a favor.

Ditch the resolutions and give yourself the freedom to work, be blessed, and be a blessing.

With love,

Happy New Year!

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1 Comment

Jan 01, 2021

...New Years Resolutions for 2021...since we made it through...resolve to Doowutchyalike...Ooh, and see guys and girls dancin', ooh, ooh:

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