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New Year - Get Your Goals!

Well, folks, it's already mid- January...we're late on the bandwagon but truthfully...that's okay. Anyway, with the first month of the year already almost over... you know what that means!

It's time to start getting centered. While both my sister and I had incredible vacations to tell you about we're gonna hold off until we have time to touch base with you, our readers!

That being said, we hope that this year brings you more intentionality, more love, more prosperity, and more happiness. We know this is most people's wish each year, but there's something in the air for 2020.

Seriously-- Every time we think about the months to come, we get excited because we know that big things are coming! However, it's up to us to stay focused and have an approach for life that continuously sets us up for total success.

Right now, some friends have started with intentionality and accountability. Since we're all in a group, we've decided to have monthly goals and check-ins where we state what we want out of the month and what we feel are wins for us.

These things are as simple as buying our own insurance or learning new crafty techniques! Sure the thought of saying what you want and checking if it was done is scary —- heck, it's even a little uncomfortable — but allowing yourself the room to stretch and vocalize what you want out of each month, actively puts your dreams into action.

And we're telling you, we can't wait!

If you want to join in the month goal challenge, get yourself a group of GOOD friends and try it out! We guarantee that it will keep your momentum going and most of all, you'll always be flourishing!




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