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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Show Your Appreciation

In the midst of all life's craziness, there has almost always been a time where we’ve been tied up before special occasions; Mother's day not exempted. At this very moment, you may be scrambling, arguing with yourself about forgetting -- baffled at how quickly the day has come; or, you're relaxing, going about your day as usual because it hasn't exactly hit you yet that an “appreciation holiday” is actually approaching...

Well, Mother’s Day is basically here, and if you haven't prepared already, right now you may have found yourself in an all-too-common predicament: empty-handed, with no idea what to do or how to make her feel special.

Of course this isn't on purpose! We all intend to plan ahead and pick the perfect gift or activity to show our appreciation; but, sometimes we drop the ball. 

So, if you've found yourself in a bit of Mother's Day Mayhem, the #ChampFam is here to help! 

We’ve come up with a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to WOW your mama, and show her that you care (even though you waited until the last minute).

1. With just a little thought and a sprinkle of effort, you can never fall short of expressing your love.

Arrange a dining occasion - A nice meal is always at the top of the list. Most moms end up doing all the cooking from catering to every need and whim when we're young, to creating elaborate menus for family events to chefing it up (in record time) on the holidays; so, why not give them a break by treating them to a home dining experience. Find her favorite recipes or things to eat and spice it up a bit. Whether it's breakfast in bed with specialty pancakes and mimosas; or, a candlelit dinner with the ones she loves, any mom will appreciate the effort their kid(s) put in to curate and cook the perfect Mother's day dinner.

2. Custom Gift Basket - This one is pretty easy, especially if you have a home supply store somewhere nearby. 

Start by picking up a cute basket, tissue paper (gift paper NOT toilet), some cellophane decorative paper, balloons (helium or otherwise), balloon ribbon, coloured paper, and some of her favorite items to put in a basket: snacks, tea bags/ coffee, gift cards, a cute mug, etc (she'll love you forever!).

Now its time to get to work! 

- Stuff the bottom of the basket with the coloured tissue paper (gift tissue NOT toilet tissue/kleenex) to prop up your gifts and give the basket a put together feel. Arrange your gifts in the basket and proceed to the next step. 

- On your coloured paper, draw out the letters M-O-M, and grab a pair of scissors to cut the letters out.

- Hole punch a hole on either side of each letter and put them aside until you're ready to string them through the balloon ribbons (coming soon).

- If you opted not to use helium, blow up your balloons and tie your choice of length balloon ribbon at their bottoms (some ribbon needs to hang to attach your letters).

-String your letters on the ballon ribbons and arrange them like a bouquet, use a piece of balloon ribbon to tie them together (tightly, as they wont rise). 

- Grab your cellophane and place it under your basket, gather each side at the top of the basket and use your balloons and letters creation to tie up the cellophane and seal your gift. 

In little to no time you’ve got something that looks like it took a whole lot of effort in a just short amount of time.

3. Book a mani, pedi, facial, or massage- You can do this at any time -- even if you don’t have a moment to call ahead (or the money). Present her with a homemade gift card for a spa day on you. Detail the specifics of what you plan to get her and leave the redeemable date open. This way she can choose a date that best fits her schedule (and your bank account). 

If you're having trouble choosing, customize your "gift card" with several options for her to tick off. She can then tailor her entire relaxation experience. We promise, she will thank you profusely.

4. Do an activity together -Take her to the beach or to the park to have a picnic. Create a movie night or plan an evening where you spend the entire time doing the things she loves to do. Mom’s usually love bonding time and feeling close to their children -- especially when they don’t have to look after us 24/7. I mean I’m sure they like that too, maybe, but it’s def not as interactive as being able to laugh about old times and new beginnings together.

5. Personalized Chocolate covered strawberries -Believe it or not, this is a simple gift that can go a long way. Chocolate covered strawberries are always so good and they look super fancy (which is always a plus!). Add your own touch by writing cute messages like “I love you Mom” on the chocolate and deliver them to her with a sweet message on Mother’s Day. *We've linked a quick and easy recipe for your convenience.

6. This brings us to the last gift tip - Whatever you choose, just show her how much you care!  Whether it's giving her a voucher to clean the house, writing and creating a heartfelt card, or putting together a box of memories; once it comes from the heart and shows that you appreciate her and know what she likes, your mom will love the effort behind your giving.

Remember, lack of time does not mean lack of effort. If you put the thought and energy behind the things you want to do for someone special, you can give them something that they will cherish forever. Take our word for it! Your Mother's Day gift doesn't have to be fancy or expensive -- it doesn't even need to be something tangible! Something as small but as thoughtful as making her favorite dessert will go a long way in making her feel appreciated!

Happy Creating and Good Luck on Mother's Day!



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