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Influencer Profile: Band It Fitness

To kick off the Month of April, we are sharing on exercise and daily fitness!

While we have all have our own go to workouts, it's important to hear from people in the industry, who can guide us, and help bring fun and innovative ideas when it comes to the fitness journey.

At The Champagne Series, we wanted to give you, our readers, a full scope of all things lifestyle, so what better way to do that than by bringing the fitness coaching to you! To honor our word in being the go-to lifestyle resource, we are sharing a Work Out Wednesday on April 8th at 5:30 pm- Live on our Instagram with Band It Fitness!

When it comes to living your best life, the most important thing is to have access to the right tools to help you out on your journey. And having the right tools from the comfort of your own home is even more of an added bonus! So to prep you for the fun to come, we wanted to share a little about the brand that's bringing you your Wednesday Workout!

Meet The CEO of Band It Fitness

Tell us why you created the Band It Fitness brand

I have always been a lover of fitness and keeping active. As I matured I also grew a likeness for healthy eating and ultimately the two overlapped. I never thought of actually becoming a fitness trainer until one of my mentors; an established fitness trainer in The Bahamas suggested it to me in 2017. She was really impressed by the progress I made with self-made at-home exercises that I generated and told me to look into becoming certified. Three years later and I have started Band It Fitness.

What does Band It mean & where did the name come from?

Band It has three meanings and came from my love for resistance bands. The background story…"Whenever someone asked me for fitness advice especially in regards to increasing the intensity of their workout; I have always recommended adding resistance bands. For me, resistance bands became essential to my workout routine when I couldn’t afford to go to the gym. From that, I transitioned it into all my workouts whether home or at the gym."

Secondly, it is a movement of individuals who band together for one common goal. Specifically, in this arena to treat the body as the temple; therefore nourishing it with healthy life choices while growing in self-love!

Lastly, it represents banding out the negativity that tries to control our lives. It speaks to removing the toxic behaviors or people from our space, to allow ourselves to continually grow in self-love.

Describe your fitness journey

Well, I would say I have always been an active individual from playing various sports in high school (volleyball mostly), to having a fitness trainer in my first few years of college and then to self-coaching at home. Don’t get me wrong, over the years I have definitely had my non-active moments whether it was a week to 6 months. Overall I just tried to find activities that I enjoy so I have tried out many fitness classes - Zumba, HIIT, Socasize, yoga, CrossFit, etc. to learn which one is best for me.

What do you hope people gain from your exercises?

I want people to find what activity makes them happiest and grow to love it. I want Band It to not only be about exercising or picking healthy food options. But about appreciating the journey to one's health goal and providing a support system to let others know it is okay to not exercise or eat a balanced diet every day. We are all human and perfection is not the goal, moderation is.

Now that we know a little about your journey and the essence of Band It, tell us about your "Monthly Challenges"

So my Monthly Challenges are curated to get persons active and moving. I am not expecting everyone to complete every day of the challenge, but the goal is to keep each other accountable and to have fun doing it. The Monthly Challenge is just a glimpse of how I generate programs, so it is really generalized and organized as a foundational exercise routine. If persons want a more tailored program focused on their individual goals they can email me at and I can get their personalised program started.

What’s your favourite exercise to do every day?

Being honest, before COVID-19 I did not exercise every day, but currently, I enjoy being able to do at least a light yoga routine daily.

What’s your tip for people who can’t seem to stay motivated when it comes to fitness?

I have a few tips:

  • Do not be discouraged that you do not have the same enthusiasm as another person; especially when just starting out... It takes a while to build a routine

  • Try different exercise modules - if you aren’t enjoying one, maybe it is not the one for you

  • Stop putting it off, START NOW - the hardest thing is starting

  • Find a workout buddy

Keep up with Band it and their workouts by following @band.it_fitness on Instagram! And don't forget to join us live on Wednesday, April 8th for The Band It Fitness Workout Burst!



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