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Hurricane Dorian Slams The Bahamas

Over the past few days, one of the most intense storms in history plummeted through two major islands of The Bahamas- the place I call home.

The nightmare known as Hurricane Dorian began Sunday, September 1st and seemed to never end as he fizzled out to a Category 2 storm while literally stalling over the country for days.

As a native of Grand Bahama Island, one of the islands that was hit, I, just like many others, was shocked by the large scale of the storm. Though not on the island at this time, I anxiously waited as Dorian ransacked my home and my country.

It was honestly really odd, being so far away -- so far removed from something that was so familiar. For the first time, I was on the other side. I was able to watch and get every update of what was happening.

I along with my friends in Freeport witnessed the destruction of Abaco first. Then I had to watch and hear of the same kind of destruction happening to everyone on Grand Bahama Island.

As videos flooded social timelines, my heart tore every single time I saw the water rising or people trapped in their homes; every time I heard cries for help, and saw posts of loved ones searching for their families.

When I started writing this post, I wanted to share on those feelings. I wanted to share how my family and friends felt living through the storm. I wanted to share the agony of the many people who literally have nothing left; but, as I write, I have no words. Now the storm has passed but the story doesn't end.

The tragedy known as Hurricane Dorian came with no remorse. It saw no color, no demographic, no passport, no age. It was prejudiced against no one. It simply came with every intent to destroy.

The anxiety and stress of what happened has taken it's toll, and the people of The Bahamas will need help, both mentally and physically, as any state normalcy has been obliterated. Hurricane Dorian came and brought death, chaos, and calamity all in one.

Still despite all of the horror, it brought something else -- Unity.

For those of you reading that don't know.... The Bahamas is a strong nation. It is a nation filled with people who care about family; and honestly, when family is at risk, there's nothing our people won't do to intervene with aid. This is what makes us resilient.

We are resilient because, despite the trauma and homes that will have to be attended to, we will also attend to each other and make sacrifices in love and unity like never before. People from all over the world have come to our aid and Bahamians everywhere are doing their part to ensure that those affected by this terrible storm feel cared for.

With the dire state of the country, this is all we can do. We are left to use platforms to share information and to continue spreading the love for humanity. If you are also willing to show love for The Bahamas, here is a list of a few organizations to which persons can donate.

The Bahamas Red Cross

The Miles & Ruth Munroe Foundation

National Association of The Bahamas

HeadKnowles Hurricane Relief Fund

The Buddy Hield Foundation Go Fundme

Thank you for all of your help and support #Bahamasstrong


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