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Date Night: Couples Quarantine Challenge

As we embark on week 511, stuck indoors, I imagine we’re all starting to get restless... singles and couples alike. I mean you can only watch Netflix on the couch for so long before you turn into a couch yourself!

So, this week my boyfriend and I have decided to spice things up a bit! 

We’ve decided to turn every night into date night—with a twist. 

Each night, one of us has to plan and invite the other person on a date, with the goal of making each date better than the last. 

At the end of our evening, we will each give the date a score based on:

  • Romance

  • Creativity

  • Overall fun

If the date planner successfully trumped the date from the night before, the loser will have to pick from a hat filled with chores, dares and/or embarrassing tasks and complete their chosen punishment.

By the end of the week, we will tally up the scores received on each date to find out who’s the #datingkingorqueen

The loser of this date night challenge will have to cook dinner every night until they die (Jk just until the end of the next week).

Over the next week, I’ll definitely keep you updated with our progress and feel free to try this quarantine challenge out with your beau at home!

Share your ideas or pics of your dates with us by tagging us @thechampagneseries.

Let’s stay having fun while staying in!


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