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Coronavirus: Tips For What You Can Do To Stay Safe

Nowhere in the world has been left out of the "Coronavirus" conversation. It's only the third month of 2020 and already we've experienced an international health crisis.

While some people say it's just the flu, others believe it to be more dire, and well despite your individual beliefs, it's up to us to be both safe and responsible.

In the midst of it all, we must also try our best to remain calm and ask for a sense of peace in the chaos. Both my sister and I are strong believers in Christ, and while we are both taking our precautions, we stand firm in faith to praise the God who created the heavens and the earth.

Usually, we don't get super spiritual in our blogs, because we believe that our faith is solidified in actions, but well, today is part of a moment where we can band together in prayer and offer a sense of calm amidst media hysteria.

Through all of our tribulations in life, God has always prevailed, and while moments have been TOUGH, through those tough times, our faith has ALWAYS gotten stronger. For us, this is yet another moment for God to shine.

So today, we want to offer up a prayer as well as some safety tips and precautions that we have taken to deal with "The Rona".

Safety First:

  • Have water and/or buy a water filter

  • Buy Medicine, Vitamins, etc - and be sure to take them

  • Consider not travelling or postponing your travel plans

  • Engage in social distancing from large crowds and stay 3- 6 ft. from others

  • Try to stay home if you can

  • Buy and use Bleach

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and/or hand sanitizer

  • Don't touch your face

  • In the midst of stocking up supplies, remember - Leave some toilet paper and supplies for others!!

Daily Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that you guide and direct us in this time of chaos. We come to you in praise and with hope because you are the author of all things in this world. You knew what would happen this year before it ever happened, so whatever the outcome is, we trust that it is part of your perfect will. Help us to be bold, compassionate, forgiving, kind, and trusting when fear is bound to take over. Give us the comfort of your Holy Spirit and the peace that only you can give. Thank you for keeping me, my family, and those around me in good health and in good spirits. In Jesus' name we pray - Amen

Through it all, always remember to be kind, be humble, trust in the process, be more productive, share and shine with love <3


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