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Content Creation Tips: Location Scouting

If you didn't know, The Champagne Series was initially "birthed" with the help of our photographer friend and curator, Jamika Danielle.

While we shot often in The Bahamas, we now live different places and with the world still in a global pandemic...not much collaboration has happened.

To our delight, last month, our friend (the full-time content creator and social media/branding strategist), Jamika made her way to Atlanta. For two weeks, we hopped around town and made magic - **fingers crossed.

As we all know, when it comes to content creation, so much planning has to happen! Of course, one of the main planning sessions is all about location!

Since Jamika is truly a pro at creating -- here are a few Location Scouting tips we learned for excellent content creation!

1) Consider the light!

As we've done most of our content gathering trips with Jamika, naturally, we've become accustomed to her style. She shoots with natural light for clean crips lifestyle images. This means that while looking for places to shoot content, we had to get out during the day.

For indoor location shoots, it was essential that each place had tons of windows to accomplish every shot envisioned.

Light is everything!!!

Champagne Tip - Know your photographer and the kind of lighting they can work with to get THE SHOT before jumping into the shoot. You want to work with someone who really caputres your brands' essence!

Photos: Jamika Danielle

2) Make a location shot list

We all know about inspirational shot lists, but having an idea of where to go during shoot day makes so much more sense than wondering around. While this approach can be fun and adventurous...roaming takes up so much more time than doing prior research. Determine where you want the shot, which angles you prefer, and have a reference so everyone knows exactly what to do and how to execute.

3) For indoor shoots scour Air bnb or Peerspace

Before Jamika came to ATL we had no idea that you could find cute homes on Peerspace. She opened our eyes to a whole new world of content creating! While shooting at your personal home and at coffee shops is perfectly fine, Peerspaces give so much more flexibility when it comes to knocking out a whole bunch of different content at once!

For her own content, Jamika found two beautiful homes from a property management company called Minty Living. Minty Living has a handful of properties on Peerspace that anyone can rent hourly for up to 4 hours or for a minimum of 2 nights.

Each home is beautifully decorated with a consistent theme. If you're lucky, some of them even come complete with knick-knacks which makes perfect filler content.

Champagne Tip: When picking a home, be sure it has the vibe you're going for and can allow for multiple types of content! Luckily, our vibe and Jamika's didn't clash so it really was a win-win!

BTS: Chivvaun Smith

3) Consider how the location will match your aesthetic

While you may pass an incredible mural or indoor space, the vibe may not match what you're trying to accomplish with your brand.

One thing we've learned is that just because something catches the eye, that doesn't mean the particular spot belongs in the mix with regular branded content!

We hope you enjoy these tips! Happy Scouting!

More about Jamika Danielle

Jamika is a natural light photographer devoted to creating compelling stories that attract your dream clients, foster engagement and tell captivating stories with and about your products.

Her main goal is helping the modern woman see the importance that visual imagery plays in building relationships and meaningful conversations.

She specializes in brand photography and lifetsyle product photography.




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