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Life Lessons | The Importance of Being Your Best Self

When it comes to life, we immediately think about the tangible. The things we accomplish or want to accomplish, and the things we have or want to acquire to make life easy.

But when you put life in perspective, there's more than just the tangible that's important.

There are things that are unseen. The parts of you that only you know about and the actions and choices that shape and mold who you are to help you be your best.

Essentially, the key to "living your best life" is your identity- who you are and one of the most valuable things you possess!

Sure, “things” add comfort; but when you read the truth about success, you'd find that material things never bring about real fulfillment or equate to you being your best self.

"Things" are fleeting; but, your relationships and the impact you have on the people around you aren't. In fact, no matter what you acquire or the positions you hold, who you are and what you build with the life given to you will always have a greater impact.

Think about it...what was the last thing you thought when you reflected on your decisions? Do you actively think about being the best version of yourself or the best person you can possibly be?

To answer these questions honestly takes a lot of self-awareness and enlightenment. It takes time, personal evaluation, and the ability to question all that you've done in your life. But, for some odd reason, we rarely do these "self-checks."

There's almost like a stigma of not being a "good person" attached to evaluating who you are and what you do. If it's not that, then there's something that makes it almost impossible for this generation to tap into being a whole person and one who cares about their actions and how they affect others.

Maybe it's because no one really wants to look at themselves or face what they see in the mirror. Maybe no one wants to tackle the big problems.

Maybe we all just stopped caring.

But, the cost of not taking responsibility, facing who you are, and working on the big AND little things in your life is far worse than owning who you are and doing better.

Ultimately, without this self-awareness, you mismanage everything you can be and end up living selfishly. By not having a care in the world about who you damage, negatively affect, use, hurt, influence, abuse, and/or waste time with, you can indirectly ruin your relationships, future opportunities, and your potential.

Believe it or not, you affect everyone you encounter in your life. Someone is always watching or feeling the impact of what you do. Whether you're aware of it or not, your actions will always precede and follow you; and taking responsibility for your actions, good or bad, is part of ensuring that you become the best version of you.

It doesn’t matter if you have the biggest house in the world, help with charitable organizations, earn a butt load of money, or have your pick of the litter in the dating game. If you spend your time squandering it with poor and careless behaviour with no concern about your inner-self or others, what are you really doing?

Are you tapping into your purpose? Are you finding meaning and making a difference?

This doesn’t mean you have to worry about every single detail in your life; but, taking responsibility for your actions and thinking about your future is something that you should always pay attention to.

Everyone wants to live their best life. Taking care of your behavior gives you that chance every single day.

Even if you don't care about these things and you dismiss this entire read, at the end of the day, your actions will still be the only thing you're remembered for. After you leave this earth (because it will happen one day) what kind of reputation will you have fostered; what type of legacy will you leave?

Don't think about it for others. Think about it for yourself, for your family, and for everyone around you.

You don't have to be famous; you don’t have to become a world-renowned scientist or even a long as the little choices you make add up to something positive, you'll begin to flourish!

We all have the same amount of time in the day and what we do with every second we’re given creates meaning. Intentionality and accountability to the person you want to be allows you to always be your best self. It is what sets you apart and gives you the opportunity to create a life worth living and remembering. This is why it's important.

-Here's to being the best YOU <3



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