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Atlanta Contemporary Is The Free Gallery Experience You Need In Georgia

For some time now, personal inspiration was at a low, and finding things to do has been tough.

This being a new year, the goal was to find a place in the area that could revive the creativity needed all while adding to the bucket of life and cultural experiences.

Free Gallery in ATL...here we come.

Atlanta Contemporary was the first place of choice and a friend and I dedicated one afternoon to soak in the beauty.

The gallery, currently in its last days of the She Is Here exhibit, displayed a gallery filled with 20 multigenerational, multicultural and multidisciplinary female artists.

She Is Here intentionally defies norms for art institutions where recognition and inclusion of women are practically non-existent. According to the description it "fosters women working with women, and women supporting women."

For us, this was so fitting because that's really what this blog all about!


The art was bold, confident, vulnerable, and personal in every aspect of the word. As women, we were able to connect with the root of the work as noted in the descriptions.

Several artists and stories stood out, but each one explored ideas and thought processes of heritage and self - all of which brought about the awareness we hoped to find.

We left feeling renewed and inspired.


There are so many exhibitions that happen year-round at Atlanta Contemporary, and they are always Free. Tickets are based on time slots to control the number of people in the exhibit at a time, so guests must be pre-registered to visit.


Atlanta Contemporary also has other events like virtual sessions, kids programs, talkbacks, and contemporary cocktails where the Mixologist-in-Residence creates signature cocktails on Thursdays.

Atlanta Contemporary adds to Atlanta’s cultural scene by presenting over 100 local, national, and international artists through projects and exhibitions each year.

Learn more here

***Covid protocols and cleaning procedures can be found detailed on the website.

Atlanta Contemporary's next exhibition begins February 18th, 2021.

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