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Ambitions Season Finale Viewing Party

To kick off my second week back in Atlanta, I ended up going to an Ambitions season finale viewing party last night. It was held at Monticellos, which was pretty snazzy might I add, and hosted by one of the main characters, Evan Lancaster (a.k.a Brian J. White).

Most of the cast, writers, and producers, including Will Packer, attended the event and it was one that included great music and incredible people. Needless to say, everyone was so friendly and seemed genuinely happy to just be in the moment. Most people schmoozed for about an hour and we danced the night away towards the end; but, as for today's topic of discussion, the main event was, of course, the show.


Now, Ambitions has been pretty popular amongst a diverse audience... and to be honest, the show draws you in pretty much every time you watch.

Ironically, I caught the Ambitions bug when I spent my month in Florida and needed to find something to help pass the spare time. Generally, I don't turn to TV, (I barely watch it if I'm being real); HOWEVER, since premium channels were available at my abode, I figured, might as well take advantage.

From episode 1, I was hooked.

Episode 2 convinced me to play episode 3 and when I checked the time, I realized that I had spent most of my day in the ambitious world of the Lancaster family, their friends... and enemies. This is clearly a plug for some of you who may need to tune in or find something new that's binge-worthy.

Unfortunately, I ended up running out of episodes and had to wait for the new ones to comes out each week... and well... as I said before, I don't watch TV.

With that being said, I tried to catch up on episodes prior to attending the event, and a lot had happened.


So, lets recap (for those who aren't going to ever watch).

Over the last few episodes, there were huge political implications (because the main family is almost the first family of ATL), betrayal (marital trust is severely broken with so many characters), backstabbing (everyone seems to have their own agenda), murders - (I'm not telling who dies)... I mean anything that you imagine and not imagine happening in a television drama occurred. Needless to say, I wasn't ready for what was about to happen in the season finale.

For those who don't know, the main characters are played by:

  • Robin Givens (Stephanie) - a ruthless wife and lawyer who is seemingly always conniving to get her way.

  • Brian J. White (Evan) - the husband to Stephanie and Mayor of Atlanta, who also wants to be the first black Governor, but, does some pretty shady things to get there.

  • Essence Atkins (Amara) - an attorney who is extremely good at her job. She is married to Titus and had an affair; but, has since been super devoted to her husband.

  • Kendrick Cross (Titus) - Amara's husband, and in house counsel at Stephanie's "rival's'" pharmaceutical company and has a huge conflict with Amara's ex-lover. Oh btw, Stephanie and Titus also had a fling in college before Amara stole him from her...

  • Brely Evans (Rondelle) - Evan's sister and the face of an anti-gentrification campaign - love her.

  • Erica Page (Bella Tru) - an up and coming designer who designs clothing for Stephanie... she also had dealings with Evan and reproduced with his sperm (oops! Sorry if you've never watched).

  • Gino Anthony Pesi (Greg) - sleeps with Stephanie and wants Rondelle to give up her fight as he is an aggressive real estate developer.

Of course, there are more characters to explain; but, you get the gist! Now, for the finale...

There were so many ups and downs and it's truly quite complicated to explain in writing, so I'll keep it brief and only reveal the big "OMGS".

Here it goes!

  • Bella's son goes missing.

  • Stephanie threatens Evan with a gun, then threatens him and chooses to divorce, putting his gubernatorial bid in a bit of an IDK. Steph only really does this because she finds out about his son with Bella Tru.

  • Titus is in the hospital and tells Amara that his "accident" wasn't really an accident. She then finds Stephanie and Damian (the guy Amara cheated with) in a deserted area where Stephanie tases him; and, upon Amara's arrival, Stephanie tells Amara that Damian was tearing her marriage apart and created "the accident" that put Titus in the hospital.

  • Damian and Stephanie get into a fight when suddenly Amara hits him in the head with a shovel and BOOM Damian dies.

  • Stephanie and Amara leave the mess for someone else to clean up. That person, aka Rashid, is then knocked out by Damian who somehow was not actually dead. I KNOW.

  • Stephanie's dad, who is threatened by his retirement (so Stephanie can take over), eventually tells Evan that Greg and Stephanie have a thing and Bella Tru tells the world that her son is actually Evan's.

  • After that, the head of the pharmaceutical company that Titus works for is dismissed (Hunter - this character is also important). Of course, he is livid and soon storms into an event where Stephanie thinks her dad is about to retire BUT plot twist... he doesn't.

  • Instead, Stephanie, who was supposed to take over, gets the boot to be Evan's, picture-perfect first lady. Basically, Evan and Steph's dad conspired so that Stephanie could end up with well... a duck egg.

  • Stephanie of course plots against this plot because she has information on the family; but, is ultimately out plotted because her whole family could end up going to jail including her ------ CUE HUNTER who begins shooting up the event.

*Ambitions mic drop* we patiently await the next season.

Signed - The Champagne Series


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