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All About Hair: How I Grew My Hair Back

Last week, I talked about my struggles with my hair and my own re-growth journey after my disastrous hair-cut!

Today, I’m about 10 months in and I’ve noticed this time around, my hair has been growing A LOT faster than usual. Because here at The Champagne Series, we’re all about sharing, for anyone that’s struggling with a botched haircut or just trying to get your hair to grow, here are a few tips and tricks that seem to have helped with the hair growth process.


Diet and water intake: One of the biggest changes I made over the course of my hair journey, is changing the way I eat. I am an avid lover of snacks --- so, processed sugar, salt, and anything that comes in the form of a chip. But, my first change was introducing more veggies into my diet (specifically hair-healthy ones like spinach). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a snack connoisseur; but, I do try to incorporate spinach into almost all of my meals. I also try to include at least 1 protein as well. Whether it’s a lean meat (chicken or turkey), fish (tuna), eggs, or beans; I try to ensure that I meet my protein goals for each day.

With water, I upped my 1-2 glass intake to 1 half gallon water bottle. Sure I pee ALOT; but, I found that both my skin and hair are way more hydrated which reduced breakage.

Leave-in and more water: Around month two of my journey, I realized that even though I was drinking a lot of water and my hair was looking better, it still felt dry. I invested in a spray bottle (it’s $1...but still…) and started spritzing my hair with a mixture of ¾ cup of water and ¼ cup of conditioner. This became part of my daily ritual! Even when I don’t want my hair fully wet, I part my hair in sections and spray the roots. I found that my hair has stayed looking and feeling hydrated WAY longer.

Multivitamins: You’d be surprised how much a one-a-day vitamin can do for you. A lot of the time we don’t even realize that we aren’t getting the nutrients we need. Having a one-a-day is necessary to pick up the slack. You could even try hair, skin and nail vitamins or a hair growth vitamin like biotin! I tried biotin during my first journey and found that it gave me acne, so I quit; but, I have heard that it helps so it may be worth a try!

Styling: As far as styling, I have seen that a lot of women use protective styles, weaves, or wigs, to prevent damage. My go to styles are either some form of bun or a braid; but, I am a firm believer in doing what your hair reacts to best. If your hair does not respond well to weaves, then try something different! If your hair loves wigs, then go for it! Your hair will let you know when you are doing something right/wrong.

Inversion technique: Some time ago, I heard about the inversion method. It is basically a technique that involves flipping your head upside down for 4-5 minutes to stimulate blood flow which in turn stimulates hair growth. I never actually tried this consistently, so I can’t be sure if it actually works; but, when de-tangling my hair while wet, I do flip my hair upside down. This is so I can get all the tangles at the roots; but, based on the theory behind the inversion method, it could play some part in my growth process.

Get on a schedule/Create a routine: I complete my full wash routine every Sunday (some people do less OR more; it really just depends on your hair).

This includes:


Deep-conditioning or regular conditioning depending on my mood

Finger de-tangling (I rarely use a comb)

Applying leave-in and oil

Putting my hair in a protective style (usually just a pineapple on the top of my head) until it dries.

Hot oil treatment (1-2 times a month)

If I wrap my hair to absorb the water, I always use a soft shirt -- not a towel.

Throughout the week, I usually wet my hair in the shower OR spritz with my water bottle; and style using leave-in and oil, and a little bit of ecostyler to lay my edges. I usually condition every 2-3 days until it’s time to wash.

Try different things : It took me a while and many many test runs to figure out which products my hair likes! So, don’t be afraid to switch things up. I found that heavy gels and grease, clog my hair follicles; while light oils and creams, work a lot better. Definitely read reviews and watch YouTube videos because you may learn about products you’ve never heard of. Ultimately you’ll need to try a few things before finding what works for you!

Some of my favourite products are:

Shea Moisture:

Jamaican Castor oil shampoo

Coconut and Hibiscus conditioner and leave-in conditioner

Rosemary oil (mixed with water to Spritz)

Cantu leave-in conditioning cream (not the repair version)

Extra-virgin Olive oil

100% coconut oil

Coconut oil ecostyler

Renpure Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner

And that’s about it! The thing I realized over the course of this process is to find what my hair likes! I know there are tons of tips, tricks and quick fixes out there to “help” with achieving your hair goals; but, the truth is, everyone is different and no one tip, trick, or fix works for every person. Keep trying new things until you find what works for you and though it may take time, once, you take the pressure off and focus on preserving your hair’s health, you’ll start to notice the difference!

Don’t forget to keep us in the loop! Tag us in your hair pics, and comment your fav products below! We’d love to hear from you.



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