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A Salute To Mothers

Sometimes, we don't say thank you enough.

We start out as kids who are cared for and nurtured by a mother, a female figure in our family, community, or maybe even a woman willing to call us their own. Though we may not always see or understand it, we are sheltered from the hardships of life. We grow up blissfully unaware, and as a result, we don't always think about the sacrifices made, the time invested, or the hard moments that these women go through to help us to become the people we are today. Biological or not, most of us have a “mother” — a female figure that we can pinpoint as an investor in our lives. This is a woman who has encouraged us, scolded us, pushed us, prayed for us, and re-directed us to be better human beings. A woman who has taught us the things we wouldn't have learned on our own. 

Someone who has been present and has shown up for us in a way that no one else could.  With everything that happens in life, sometimes, we fail to realize or take a moment to acknowledge how much this woman truly impacts us. 

And as we get older... we may start trying to “find out” who we are without her. At times, we even push her away. But through it all...she is steadfast — she never falters; and no matter what, she continues to love, support, and wish the best for us. She continues to be strong — even when we inadvertently hurt or neglect her. She never wavers — even when others question why she won’t just give up on us. She continues to speak well and push us towards our hopes and dreams from the sidelines, even when we refuse to see it.

She is a pillar in our lives and makes it her goal to keep us going. She creates a place of refuge for whoever she comes in contact with. We know not everyone has the same experience; but despite the circumstances, we all have a “mother” who has played a part in our lives and has worked tirelessly for our good.  So, today, we encourage you to salute her. Salute her for her fight. For her unconditional love and for her ability to change your world. Salute her for all her worrying and her sacrifices to help you grow and stand on your own. Salute her for her wisdom and her efforts to pour into your life. Salute her for her generosity and her willingness to help, even when that meant neglecting herself.

None of us all have the resources to truly repay these figures in our lives for all they’ve done and continue to do; but today, take time to say thank you. Take time to embrace a moment with your loved ones or to reconcile differences if there's anger in your heart. Take time to forgive or be forgiven because, without her devotion to each and every one of us, we’d all shine a little less bright.

Happy Mother's Day Mamas!


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