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5 Ways To Tour Nassau Bahamas While Getting Amazing Instagram Content

As a native of The Bahamas I travel to Nassau occasionally, however, I never really took time out to visit as a tourist. This go round, I decided to put on a new hat and approach Nassau like I’ve never been before!

I stayed at Bahamar and spent time doing fun activities with friends while dressing up to find the most instagrammable spots in the area!

If you're like me and want to get content while exploring,to get the best of both worlds I highly suggest you begin your day early and head downtown where you’ll find a lot of historic buildings, things to do, and places guaranteed to bless you with amazing content.

1. The first stop on our itinerary was the Queen’s Staircase also known as the 66 steps. This is a good place to start your day because there's no entrance fee and it isn't too crowded in the morning. The 102-foot staircase which was hand-carved by about 600 slaves took over 16 years to complete and makes for a beautiful lifestyle or high fashion shoot!

Fun Fact: The staircase was later named in honor of the 65-year reign of Queen Victoria, due to her declaration to abolish slavery.

2. Next, you should head over to Bay Street where you’ll find loads of shops, government buildings, restaurants, and the Pompey Square and Museum. Though we didn't go to the museum, which tells the story of slavery and emancipation in The Bahamas, the square served as a gorgeous area for scenic photos that could be used anywhere for a pop of color on your personal feed.

The Pompey Museum is located at George Street in Downtown Nassau, Pompey Museum documents the impact of slavery in The Bahamas. It is open Mon-Wed & Fri-Sat 9:30am – 4:30pm, Thurs 9:30am – 1:00pm (Closed Sundays & Holidays).

Admission: Adults $3.00, Seniors $2.00, Locals $ 2.00, and Children 6-12 $1.00, Children 5 and under are free!

3. Naturally, after roaming around it only made sense to grab a cocktail and tour the historic John Watling’s Distillery. Here we were greeted by a tour guide and given the details on the home, John Watlings, and the process of making the impeccable Bahamian rums for free! There are lots of spots to take photos especially if you love vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes. There's also a local tea store across the street that caters to healing methods via bush tea if you're into natural remedies!

4. If you're a lover of chocolates, don’t forget to stop by Greycliff because here you’ll have the opportunity to make your very own!

They also have a restaurant, culinary academy, cigar rolling lessons/tour, a heritage museum, and wine tasting/ blending classes all in one hotel. We stopped at this location earlier in the morning because we wanted to get most of our shots when the street wasn’t crowded. Getting here early is highly suggested especially if you want to have the street to yourself! You'll always have to time to go back later in the day to take part in many of their amazing experiences.

P.S. They recently added a sky of umbrellas AFTER we left and it's absolutely beautiful!

5. Last but not least, you can't do a day of photography and exploring without lunch! But before making it to the cutest spot out west, we made a pit stop over at Clifton Heritage Park which is dedicated to telling a more detailed story of slavery in The Bahamas. As the Bahamas is rich in history, they have mock homes, amazing sculptures, and several beaches to enjoy including the site with the underwater sculpture garden. Unfortunately, this is one of those places you can’t walk to but it's still worth a visit.

Now back to lunch!! Our friend and fellow blogger at SHESOMAJOR decided to take us to Cocoplum Bistro & Bar (which is also not in walking distance), but I'm telling you, you need to have lunch here! Not only is the ambiance incredible, but the food and signature drinks are to die for! I ordered the targon chicken breast and was quite satisfied with the meal especially for a picky eater. Overall, they offer French and Mediterranean cuisine with an island twist and they also use fresh products! The Bistro & Bar is open for lunch and dinner and probably one of the most instagrammable restaurants in the area!

Stay tuned for tips and guides coming soon to the blog!



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