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4 Best Places To Eat In Miami: Editor's Pick

So, after spending an impromptu month in Florida, I had the opportunity to do a lot of fun things and enjoy a LOT of great moments.

Of course, most of those moments were food-related; so, I’ve decided to compile my top 4 best places to eat in Miami! Hopefully, this list can help you navigate your dining options for the next time you visit Florida!

1) Sarafina

Though this is a chain restaurant, the ambiance in the Miami location was divine; not to mention the variety of offerings on the menu left me dying to try more than just one meal. From start to finish, the dining experience at Sarafina was complete with superb service and amazing delicacies. On the menu was also a gluten-free pasta option, which I could not refuse. Now, usually when you go to "these places" sometimes you want more than just the ambiance. Luckily, at Sarafina your stomach will not be disappointed, because the helping sizes qualify as great value for money! P.S> the location is very instagrammable; so, be sure to bring your camera!

2) Le Chick Miami

I stumbled upon this restaurant by chance, but boy was I happy. The location is right in the hub of things; so, if you're looking for activities to do after dinner, you'll be able to find something in walking distance. As with Serafina, there is both indoor and outdoor seating; but, the mood in Le Chick is definitely more chill. I will say that the menu is smaller than a lot of places I've been to, however, all of the options are very appealing. When I dined here, I ended up ordering a burger (no bun), with fries and a fudge dessert. Let's just say that I was left feeling like I was in food- heaven!

3) Soho Beach House

So a friend and I were at Soho for an event, but we sampled a few items from the menu and I was very impressed. Complete with several restaurants and vibes to choose from, if you end up at Soho Beach House you won't be disappointed. I will say though, that without actually being a "member", you will be limited to the number of areas and restaurants to choose from. My best advice: call ahead to book reservations or find someone that is a member and you can tag along!

*Yes this is a stock photo because I couldn't get great pictures- but the pool location looks EXACTLY the SAME I promise.

4) Brickell City Centre

Filled with tons of restaurants (and shopping), at Brickell City Centre, you're guaranteed to find at least one (or two) options to suit your palette. You'll be able to choose from coffee shops, sushi, tacos, vegetarian, Italian, name it. You'll also have the opportunity to browse and soak in the sites as the city centre is absolutely stunning!


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