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3 Quick Gluten-Free Dinner Ideas

As much as we'd all like to chef it up in the kitchen, sometimes we just don't have the time.

When days like this come along and you're hoping to make a tasty meal, here are three quick gluten-free dinner ideas that are sure to make your tummy happy.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Grilled Chicken Breast and Grilled Asparagus - I generally don't like sweet potatoes; but, recently this has become a favourite of mine! There’s just something about a sweet and savoury mash paired with grilled meat and veggies that makes my taste buds go wild.

The best part is, this meal is so simple because you can cook and flavour to taste and it’s pretty fast in cook time! From start to finish it will take you about 45 mins - 1 hour to finish cooking your meal.  If you have no idea how to make the sweet potatoes work for you, I've included a great recipe to get you started ( The added parmesan cheese and sour cream is literally perfection! Plus it helps with consistency and flavour!)

Curried Chick Peas and Rice - This protein-packed meal is not only hearty but it's also very DELICIOUS (and vegetarian too!). Just serve your chickpeas up on a bed of white or brown rice and you’ll be munching your way into a food coma in no time!   Personally, I think brown rice makes the meal more filling so I usually go that route; but cooking white rice is always quicker! If you opt for white rice, the cook time for this meal would be about 40 mins— while you can expect to wait longer for the brown rice to be just right. As far as seasoning goes, I usually play it by ear; but, for those that don’t know where to start, here are amazing instructions on how to makes the meal light up your world.  P.S. If you don't have marsala or coconut-milk you can still make a fabulous dish without any of those ingredients!

Southwest Quinoa Salad - Honestly, from the moment this touched my palette, I fell in LOVE with the dinner dish. It's not only healthy; but, also SO refreshing! This is by far the best recipe I've found for this salad — particularly because of the homemade dressing that goes with it. I won't spoil anything for you; but, if you love feeling good after you eat...this one's for you!

I guarantee you, after trying these 3 gluten-free meals out at home, they will all soon become some of your faves!


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