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3 Important Things To Know Before Signing A Lease For A New Place

We’ve spent some time this week discussing moving and providing helpful reminders for the first few days in your new place!

Today we want to dig into something that a lot of people never really talk about. Sure, looking for a new place, signing a lease, and moving in is exciting; but we’re going to discuss 3 important things to know before signing a lease for a new place.

We're getting real about the less glamorous side of things — a.k.a. the rental process!

Now I know renting sounds easy. You search for places, find one you like, and then voila... you sign the lease and call it that!

However, there are a few things to keep an eye out for BEFORE signing on that dotted line:

1. Before submitting an application for rental, find out all of the rules for tenancy first! This is important because while an apartment or house may be your dream place, the landlord might have some rules you just can’t live by. For example, no pets or no noise after 11 pm.

2. Always make sure you inspect the place before signing a lease. Some landlords give inspection dates after you sign your lease agreement. They even promise repairs or repainting that's supposed to occur just before the move-in date. A lot of times, these repairs don’t happen and by then, you’re already locked into your rental. If your landlord cannot offer an inspection date before move-in, then ensure you have a clause added in your lease that stipulates you can walk away from your agreement in the event that any needed work is not done.

3. Always check city planning for your area before committing to a location. This is generally a tip for buying, but it still applies to rentals. While your new rental may be in the perfect location, something may be on the horizon for construction that may increase traffic or impact your living experience. Remember, most leases last a year so make sure the neighbourhood you’re in remains optimal for the time you’ll be living there.

These are just the first three things to know before committing to a new place. But be sure to stay tuned for more tips on moving as we help you secure the best spot for your budget!



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